How Tough do we Need to be to Survive in the Military?

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Military news..

China is considering arming Russian forces in Ukraine, US says
Cold War 2.0.


Russia says it will fast-track testing of tank-killing robot in Ukraine
Russia warns that western tanks should be “prepared for their destruction.”


Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Kills 2 Tennessee National Guard Members in Alabama

The UH-60 helicopter, more widely known as a Black Hawk, crashed in the unincorporated community of Harvest along Alabama Highway 53, killing two members of the Tennessee National Guard during a flight-training mission. The helicopter crashed around 3 p.m. and caught fire.


Wounded Military From Around World Headed to Camp Pendleton for Adaptive Sports Invitational

The 13th annual event, known as the Marine Corps Trials, is expected to draw more than 200 injured Marines, sailors, veterans, and international competitors from Colombia, Estonia, France, Georgia, Italy, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.


US Military Investigating Leak of Emails From Pentagon Server

It is not uncommon for large organizations to inadvertently expose internal data to the internet, but the fact that this is a Department of Defense email server will give U.S. officials cause for concern. It is unclear if any malicious outsider accessed the exposed SOCOM data.


I remember my time in Korea, and one of the times I was injured while doing my job. I was a member of the Army Security Agency, and my job was to monitor airway for breaches of security. I was attached to the 321’s ASA company.

One night up on hill 468, things went bad. The lights went out, and I figured that the generator was out of gas.

I went out to check and I was right. So I climbed up on the huge generator and started pouring in the gas. About half way through i slipped and was falling off of the generator. I grabbed what ever I could the break my fall. Unfortunately it was the hot manifold.

I severely burnt my hand. I still had three hours on my shift. What should I do?

I was told by my sergeant that no matter what you need to stay at your post. I went back inside and put ointment on my hand and continued working with one hand.

When my shift was over I went to the medics and they doctored me up.

Have you had an incident like this? Let me know about it.


Update… Got a couple more interviews and it’s off to the publisher BookBaby. Signs of Hope for the Military: IN and out of the Trenches of Life, will be full of my experiences while in the service, plus a lot about how to survive after being wounded, burdened with PTSD, etc. Keep coming back to see the progress. Better yet…go to the top of this page and click on subscribe. When you do all future posts will go directly to your inbox.


Checking in on you. How are you doing? Is everything going OK, or are you fighting back memories?


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If you are battling mentally, but you are losing, GET HELP!!

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1-800-273-8255…texting 838255.



You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up.

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