There Are Actually Happy Stories Coming From Vietnam Veterans

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Military news…

Army’s top civilian defends Russian deterrence program, predicts more US troops could deploy to Europe
Army Secretary Christine Wormuth told House lawmakers that the European Deterrence Initiative might not have stopped Russian President Vladimir Putin from ordering a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, but it positioned the U.S. military to respond quickly to it.


US soldiers model river crossing in contrast to Russians’ Donbas disaster

Days after dozens of Russian armored vehicles were obliterated during an attempted river crossing in eastern Ukraine, US and allied soldiers launched a training version of a similar maneuver.


Air Force successfully fires hypersonic weapon after multiple failures last year

The service said the weapon traveled five times faster than the speed of sound.


US Navy ship makes $39 million meth bust in Middle East waters

A Navy destroyer patrolling in the Gulf of Oman this week seized $39 million in methamphetamine from a fishing ship in waters used to smuggle people, weapons and narcotics, U.S. 5th Fleet said Tuesday.


A Lesser-Known Group At Risk of Suicide—Children of Servicemembers

Military kids can suffer from emotional stressors, that left unaddressed, can increase their risk of taking their own lives.


US Left Behind $7 Billion of Military Equipment in Afghanistan After 2021 Withdrawal, Pentagon Report Says

About $7 billion of military equipment the U.S. government provided to the Afghan government over the course of 16 years was left behind in Afghanistan after the military withdrew from the country in August.


Western Artillery Surging Into Ukraine Will Reshape War With Russia

Ukraine is receiving artillery and training from Western allies that will likely set off a deadly battle of long-range weapons as fighting intensifies in the Donbas.


Here is another interview with combat veterans. This is a rare one with a Vietnam veteran. It was extremely hard to get Vietnam veterans to talk.

I know you are not willing to say too much about your experiences in Nam, what can you Share?

I will share a happy time while I was there. Me and a buddy were sitting in an opening in the jungle. I looked up and saw hundreds of monkeys playing in the trees. I told my buddy if I could just have one of those guys for a pet, I would be very happy.

He said he knew what to do to make that happen. He got a coconut and cut a whole in it. He put a shiny quarter in there and sat it the middle of the opening. He said, “Now Watch.”

Sure enough the monkeys started gathering around the coconut. They were curious about the shiny thing in the coconut. One finally put his hand in there to try to pull the quarter out. His hand got stuck and we went and picked up the monkey.

I loved the little guy. I even made a home for him. It had an area to sleep. Food readily available, and limbs to climb on.

The monkey loved his new home. I didn’t keep good track of what he was doing in the cage, and he dug a hole big enough for him to get out.

He went into the other soldiers tents and stole goodies from them. One of the soldiers caught him doing it and complained to me. I tried to find how the monkey could get out, but apparently the hole was so small I couldn’t find it.

This went on for a few days. The monkey would be in his cage with new goodies he had stolen for the guys.

One soldier had enough. He made a miniature parachute; caught the money and attached to him. He then took the monkey to a near cliff and threw him over it.

I couldn’t find my monkey and got very upset. The soldier finally told me what he had done. I was very mad at him.

Then a couple days later I looked at a path that went through the jungle and here comes my monkey with the chut still attached to him. He came right up to me. We had many months of joy with my monkey.


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My next interview will be with another Vietnam veteran that was not such a happy story. Don’t miss it.


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