Domestic Violence in the Military

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Doug Bolton, the founder of the blog, Signs of Hope, which is at, has written a new book, “Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life.” It will be reaching out the many military and veterans who may be battling anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, rejections, and the many other usual suspects. There are 22 military connected suicides ever day. That is almost one every hour. Doug wants to help stop those statistics. Doug sent off his mini proposal to an agent who is very interested in his concept. We will update you when we hear more. 


Here are some more chapter titles from the book, “Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life.”


Time Doesn’t always Heal Wounds

Many people let personal wounds fester, and never attempt to clear it up with the person they are upset with.


(1) Forget Everything and Run

(2) Face Everything and Rise

The Choice is Yours

Some people want to stick their heads in the ground and hide, while others face their fears and are victorious.

People Don’t Understand Me

This chapter is all about PTSD. It shares the symptoms and shares some ideas on how to cope.

Deployment Can Very Hard on the Family

Months of separation. So many times of loneliness. It all comes to a halt when they see their family again.

Marriage is Not a Four Letter Word

When there is a deployment there is a heavy strain on the marriage.

There is Sometimes Violence in Military Marriages

“Angry people want to see how powerful they are. Loving people want to see how powerful you are.”

Chief Red Eagle


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To all of you who have served in the military and are now serving:


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!



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