National Defense Budget Signed Into Law

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They just passed a new National Defense Budget. See what it includes:

National Defense Budget Signed into Law

President Donald Trump signed the new National Defense Budget for the military. It is a $626 billion budget for defense programs and another 65.7 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Syria, and the war on terrorism.


  • $241.2 billion for operations and maintenance.
  • $46.2 billion for military personnel.
  • $33.9 billion for defense healthcare programs.
  • $15 billion for ballistic missile defense.
  • 10.7 billion for military construction and family housing.

Other good news:

Included in the new National Defense Budget:

  • 2.4 percent increase in base pay and a provision that restricts the President’s ability to reduce it.
  • Expanded protections for victims of sexual assault.
  • Many other new provisions


It hasn’t been widely known, but there were “trans dressers, way back in the Revolutionary War.

There were many occasions when women dressed like men, and snuck into the military to help fight the war. Some examples:

  • Deborah Sampson. In May of 1782 Sampson took the name of Robert Shurtliff, and impersonated a man while serving with the 4th Massachusetts regiment. She was wounded on July 3, 1782. It was not until Oct. 25, 1783 that Sampson’s true identity was discovered when she contracted a brain fever. She was then discharged from the military.
  • Sally St. Clair masqueraded as a man so she could follow her lover into war. She was killed on October 9th 1779. It was only then that it was discovered she was a woman.

There are many more stories similar to these. Women fought alongside the men and no one knew.


If you are a veteran and are struggling. You are not alone. Veterans like myself care for you. We want the best for you. Never give up. Never think you are not worth anything.

Life is tough enough in this world. Do not pile more burdens on yourself.

If you need help right now call:




You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!



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