Border’s Books Claims Bankruptcy

I just had some bad news today. Borders Books is claiming bankruptcy. I did a signing at my local Borders store in Salem, Oregon on November 6th. I have not received payment for  the books I sold there yet. It has been over ninety days.

The manager told me on the phone that another company has taken over paying the bills, and I will have to fill out a claim to try to get my payment from Borders. It doesn’t look good, but God is in charge, and what ever happens, it was meant to be.

I will keep you posted each day on the progress of this continuing saga.  


Think on this:

  • All things work to the good to those who believe.
  • Life will go on if something happens in your life that is devastating. God has a plan , even through this storm.
  • Those who persevere, are the ones who will have many crowns when they are in heaven.
  • It is always darkest just before the morning dawn.
  • Wait on the LORD, because He is with you always.

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