The Top 15 Ways to Save Money in a Down Economy



The top 15 Ways to Save Money in a Down Economy


Ok! It is time to fight back!! The economy is going down, down, down! It is time to learn some ways to save money, and still have close to the same quality of life.


I saw an article in the Oregon Statesman Journal that has some great ideas for cutting corners, and help you to not feel like you are in “Skid Row”


1.     Reduce the number of trips in your car. There should be a bus route near you somewhere.

2.     Maintain your car, including tires and tune-ups. I go as soon as it shows, “time to change oil.” This really saves you gas and you don’t have to spend a lot on a broken car.

3.     Check your insurance policies to make sure you are getting the best deal. Quite often your deductable can also be adjusted to give you less amount you owe for the premium.

4.     Plan your meals, and stick to your shopping list. Never shop for groceries when you are really hungry. I have and it is far more costly.

5.     Clip coupons, and use those store loyalty cards. This one can be a huge savings. Some of the coupons are as high as $1.00 off. Get organized and do a file small enough so you can carry with you to the store. Have the coupons arranged for in the best way for you to find them quickly. It actually can be fun. You pick up the thing you want to buy, see what it costs, and then you look at the coupon. You say, “There is another 75 cents I have saved!”

6.     Stay away from pre-packaged and convenience food.

7.     Buy in bulk. Some stores do not have this available. Tell them you want it, and that you are going shopping else where that does have them. Win-Co, Cost-Co, Roth’s, and Safeway have them. I do not know about the others. MUCH CHEAPER BY THE POUND!! Make sure you can store it properly.

8.     Get a little less expensive meat. All you have to do is cut the extra fat off. That is the only difference with some of the cuts you buy.

9.     Buy retail store brands. I can’t emphasize this enough. I worked in the grocery business for eight years during my college days. (I know the earth was still cooling then.) What I found out and tried to tell my costumers, was that the store brands as just the better brands with a different label on them. The retail store “hires” Heinz, Dole, De Monte, Nabisco, and Kellogg’s, etc. to package large shipments of their product, except they have put the retail stores name brand on the label. Why pay $3.95 for a box of cereal when you can get the same thing for $2.75 if you buy the store brand. Think about it.

10.                         Shop farmers markets for you produce. Not only is it cheaper     most of the time, but it is certainly a lot fresher.

11.                         Eat at less expensive restaurants. My new favorite restaurant is Applebee’s. They have some great food and their prices are usually lower than other restaurant for the same type meals. They also have special diet items on the menu, for people on Weight Watchers.

12.                         If you are over 50, get your AARP card now. I know some people think it is silly to get one, but I have used it more times then I can name. I have saved up to 25% by showing my card. Especially for traveling, and you KNOW I love to travel!

13.                        Try to turn your thermostat up or down a few degrees to save on heat or cooling.

14.                         Here is a big saver! You do not need to heat every room in your house. Close those doors to rooms you seldom go into, or use. Close the vents in those rooms too.

15.                         Let the clerks/servers everywhere know you are a senior. Department stores, grocery stores, or theatres give discounts.  Restaurants, both fast food and sit down, give discounts to seniors, but they need to know you are a senior before they can give it to you. They seldom ask, because management feels that some patrons may be offended if the server asks you if you are a senior. Tell them you are and be proud of it.


OK, you have had the class: Saving money 101. Now go out there and save money!


Send me an email to let me know if you would like more of this on this site. Make comments on this site to let others know what you did and how much you saved.





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