More Sports Information Than you can Ever handle

More Sports Information you Can Ever Handle

For those people who are coming here searching the wide world of cyberspace, the post today will be about sports. Some of it you may not understand who, or what I ma talking about, but bare with me. I have to appease the Oregon State University Beaver fans with some more trivia, and ramblings from Beaver sports. Stay with me, there will be a newsletter coming out soon that will be for everyone.

The online newsletter will have three pages. The front page will be about a new book that is near completion. There will be excerpts from the book in the newsletter. The second page will be a travel/resource page and the third page photography (for now).

On the travel page I will be telling about the many travels I have been on. I have been to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Canada. In the U.S.A., I have been to Phoenix and watched spring training; Palm Springs, and watch pro tennis people like Andy Roddick, Andre Aggasi, the Williams sisters, Lindsey Davenport, etc. I have a special story about Andre. I have been through many states including Hawaii, and I have some great memories to share.

The other half of that same page will be a resource page. I will put information there that will help people a great deal. One that is coming up is; 15 ways to save money in a falling economy. Is that timely or not? It will be coming real soon.

The third page will be used for photographs for now. I have many photographs from my travels, sports, and just plain beautiful photos of lakes, mountains, etc, that I have loved over the years. You will be free to download any you want.

To get started getting the newsletter, just go to the upper tight hand corner here on this site. The subscription form is right there above the side bar. Click on it, and it will take you from there. This will be a fun newsletter so don’t miss out!!

Side Bar

Ok beaver fans let me share some little nibblings of the “other,” things I saw at the game on Saturday.

There were several great signs around the stadium, but the winner for the game was, “Are you ready for a POP Quizz?” Obviously WSU was not.

Well, it is time to put up or shut up!! There is voting going on for the freshman of the year in football. Jacquizz Rogers is one of the people to vote on. At the moment he has 80% of the vote. Sounds fantastic, but people tend to “cram,” the voting at the last minute. I know, not fair. So go to the site below, and vote (as many times as you want) for Jacquizz. Why??? We need to get his name going for the Heisman Trophy. Yes, I think he will be that good!!! I am not talking about this year. The Heisman Trophy voter’s usually only pick juniors or seniors. This is a long range build up to get his name really known by the time he is a junior. Go to:

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I am not making this story up!! Before the game started, there was a band coming in to play. It was an opposing team band. Was it the Cougars band? Nope! It was the UCLA band!!! The band leader thought the Bruins were playing at OSU, not at U. of O! OOOOOPS! They had to scurry out of there quick and take the 45 minute drive to Eugene. How embarrassing is that? What did the band leader tell the President of the college when he got back. “Oh I thought we would take a side trip to Corvallis, and play some songs for the fans there before we went to the Oregon game.” Not going to cut it. He may have a smaller pay check next month.

Our OSU band is looking great!! OSU has the oldest band program in the PAC-10. 118 years!!! They have added 35 new players to the band. It shows. Now if they just could get a large as Penn States band of 300!

There was an impressive half time show with a “band,” that was playing Brazil music, and the OSU band were dancing all over the place. What really impressed though, were the 420 student athletes that came out onto the field. These were all Everyday Champions. You can find out what Everyday Champions are, by going to

These were mostly kids that had over a 3.0 grade point average. Yes these are student athletes. You would think some of them had to have L and R on their shoes to know what foot to put them on. This is not true anymore. The OSU sports program is second only to Stanford, for All American All Academic teams in the PAC-10.

I think the OSU sports videos are superb! They had some great ones on the Jumbotron. (I think that is what it is called) You can see one of them by going to or Google Oregon state athletics. The site opens up with a bang with the video it has.

The volleyball girls are doing great. There are ranked for the first time since 1996 at # 24, and the beat the # 4 team in the nation. Who was it? You got it. USC!! We love to have USC to come to our house.

This is something I do not always do and should. The officiating for the game on Saturday was excellent. Oh sure, there were a few boo bears, but as I watched the replays on the ones they were booing, I thought they made the right call. The head official Jack Wood, did absolutely the best job of any “white hat,” I have seen come to OSU. (Enjoy these praise’s fellas it may not happen much.)

The back-up running backs did a wonderful job. Francis and McCants did miss a beat. They both ran over the defense just like their leader Jacquizz did. I am pleased with the depth we have there.

Speaking of depth….. Sean Canfield came in and showed the fans he is ready to play!! He marched the team down the field and scored a touchdown.

In closing… I told you in the Comcast newsletter that three OSU teams won on Saturday. It is true.

Oklahoma State University 28 Missouri 23

Ohio State University 16 Purdue 3

Oregon State University 66 WSU 13

The team that had the biggest point spread in victory? O – S -U beavers.

The Beavers already have their schedule set for next year. They have shuffled the PAC- 10 schedule around a little bit. The non-conference schedule is as follows:

Home with Portland State

Away at UNLV

Home with…..Cincinnati! Should be a great game!!

The rest of the schedule is like this:

Home with Arizona

Away at Arizona State

Home with Stanford

Away at WSU

Away at USC

Away at California

Home with Washington

Away at Oregon

This is a tough schedule for the PAC-10 games. All the “upper half” of the league will be away games. We only have 5 home games and 7 away games. (We’ve got em right where we what em!!)

2010??? WE have Louisville coming to town. Great game!!!


In the last newsletter I said that Ken Humus was the new tight ends coach. WRONG! Senior moment!! It is Tim Euhus. Remember him? He was a great tight end for the Beavers a few years ago. What a great addition to the coaching staff!

The time is running out. I am slowly shifting to an online newsletter, and you will not be able to see it here on the site. It will come to those that subscribe only. I DO NOT want to lose you. There are actually 723 Beaver fans getting the newsletter through Comcast. That will be stopping when I move to the online newsletter. I now have 145 of you that have subscribed. That is wonderful, but that means 578 of you are still holding out. Why don’t all of you take care of it today? Right now! Then you will be done, and you will have peace of mind that you will continue to get sports news as long as I have a breath. (Not sure if that will be a long time, as many of you know my problems.)

Just go up to the right hand corner above the side bar; click and you are on your way.

BTW…… I looked at all of you that have subscribed. I recognized many of your emails, BUT some of you are there but not “confirmed.” You got an email from Constant Contact Emailing that asked you to confirm by clicking on the “Confirm subscription,” or what ever they have there, to let them know you are subscribed, and confirmed. Why do they do this; SPAM. They do not know you are really the email address they want unless you tell them. Check your emails and find an email from Constant Contact, and clear this up so you are really in and not sitting in purgatory


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