The subscription form is working again!!!

Dave Maurer of Emidor Business Consulting,, went above and beyond the call of duty for me this morning. He got up early and got the Subscription form going again. If you ever need website work done, I highly recommend Emidor Consulting.

We have a new form that seems to be working much better. Look up in the upper right hand corner of the side bar, and you will see a “Join my FREE email mailing list,” form. Click on it and it will take you to a place to put in your email address. Then you will be taken to a confirmation page. Click your email for confirmation. Then check your email. There you click on the link on the page you receive and you are in!!!

You will be getting my newsletter FREE, which will be full of interesting stuff like:

1. All of my travels around the world. I just went back east and saw a great deal of the American history. Check some of the post in the “history,” catagory on this site to see some of the things I saw and did.

2. Excerpts for my new book, Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind: Through Bumper Stickers, will come in each newsletter. I think you will get a good feel of the book in a few months from reading the excerpts.

3. Of course, I will have the Bolton Times sports page, where I will mainly talk about the OSU Beavers. I may waver a little and talk about other schools, and other sports. You have to consider that there are really millions of people that may get the newsletter, (big dreamer,) and I want to make the sports intersting for eveyone.

Actually, do not take too much time trying to read the instructions above to subscribe. Each step is explained to you as you click each link. It is really quite simple.

I am so sorry that this all happened. I mean really sorry. I know I lost some people because of the frustration. I hope you stayed with me, and will try again. I want you around for a long time. YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!!.


This notice is a special just for the Beaver fans that might be in the Salem, Oregon area:

There will be two great speakers coming to the Salem/Keizer Beaver Huddle. Jay Locey, Assistant Head Coach/tight ends and running backs, (his people did good last week,) will be speaking. It should be interesting. It is always tough to be a speaker coming to speak the next week after a loss. Be kind, and don’t hit Jay with impossible questions to answer. He is not a defensive coach. He is not an offensive line coach. He doesn’t coach the secondary. To drill him on those positions wouldn’t be too fair.

Our other speaker is Alex Parker. He is the head of the Compliance department. It should be very informative. He is in charge of making sure you do not buy a car for one of the players, which would be a huge recruiting violation. He also will have all the rules from the NCAA on compliance. This is a great time to ask all those questions you wanted answers for on compliance.

The meeting will be at Rudy’s Restaurant at the Salem Golf Club. There is a buffet, and the cost is $9.00 for the salad bar and $11.00 for the full meal deal.

They will also have the raffle for some great Beaver stuff, plus some of the businesses donate other prizes. The cost for the tickets are $1.00 each, or 6 for $5.00.

Another special thing that is going to happen at the meeting is that all those people that brought friends, that filled out their/your slips will have a special drawing. You had better come! This is the meeting where they will do the drawing for the two seats in the club section for the Washington State game. These are cool seats. I know, I sit in them. Those that come on Friday, and bring a friend will get a chance to win too

Be sure to go!!



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