Amazon Search Engine Is Up And Running!

I am very excited! I think the new addition of not only the Amazon search widget, but “My Favorite Books,” from Amazon will greatly add to this site. I also have added a new poll feature.

Let me tell you how the Amazon widgets work:

For “My Favorites,” You click on one the numbers below the book showing on the widget. Choose it or some other of the choices. Then put your curser on the words in the description. Bingo! You are on the Amazon site, and it tells you all about the book, and cost. I have four books I that I would like you to look at right now. So underneath the books in the pictute you can see 1-4. Click on each of them to see my other books I am recommending. The books I am recommending are:

  • The Grapes of Wrath (Centennial Edition). Can it possible that this great book has been around for 100 years. Yup! When you click on it you will see it had a humungus amount of reviews, (588)! The average rating was 4.5 out of a possible five stars. Theis means that the book hasn’t changed its magic even today. Get the lastest copy. Great gift idea. It is only $11.56. (Think Christmas!)
  • America’s Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit From the Next Great Depression. Wow! How timely is this book? This is a must read. It talks about the dark side of government, (What? The government does some bad things)? It also talks about corporations doing some funny stuff. (HELLO!) This book will help you to understand what is going on in our country, as we speak.
  • The Bipolar Disorder Survivial Guide. One of the most crippling afflictions a person can have. I have friends that are going through this. Learn more about it, so you can help someone you know that may be struggling with it.
  • Facing Your Giants-by Max Lucado. This book absolutely changed my life from having battles within, to going out and facing what ever trials may come my way. If you have ever battled depression, self doubt, fear of failure, anxity, or hopelessness, this is the book for you. You probably know someone else that may need it too. It is similar to my new book, Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind: Through Bumper Stickers. You will be hearing much more about my book as the time goes on. You will be getting excerpts from the book in the NEWSLETTER. However, only those who subcribe to the NEWSLETTER, will get the excerpts.

I hope you will enjoy the new features on this site. I may add a couple more things, but I like simplicity. You can let me know what you think of the site by going to the NEW POLL! You can choose how you think the site looks.

If you want to know every time I post, you can add this site to your RSS. You can see that spot in the right side bar near the top of this site. Click on it and follow directions. Then every time I do a new post, you can see what new ramblings I have done by clicking on your RSS icon below “My favorites,” for Explorer, or Explorer Express. I am not familiar with any other email programs, but they all should have the icon near the top.

PLEASE! Do not wait much longer to subcribe. I have my first online newsletter about completed. I do not want you to miss one. Just go to the upper right corner of the side bar, click on “Subscribe to my FREE Email Newsletter email list.,” and follow directions from there. 

If there are any sports fans reading this, I am predicting a win by OSU this Saturday with a score of 35-3. That 3 is iffy. Washington State is the worst team in the PAC-10. We are favored by 30 points!! That is a record spread for the PAC-10.

BTW……. Why don’t you check out my blog at: I talk about all those affictions that others do not seem to want to talk about. They are fear of failure, anxity, depression (many kinds), self doubt and hopelessness. My discussions give you ways to get out of the dark, and get back into the light. This would also be a good site for any friends you have that may be having problems with any of those afflictions. Check it out yourself first to see if you feel comfortable with it.



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