Semper Fi- Always Faithful

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I am very excited to let you know that I have a guest blogger for today’s post. Her name is Lynn Mosher. She is a regular guest blogger on my blog, Her post is for this coming Sunday on the other site, but I couldn’t wait to share it here. Her post is about the military and is very timely. Thank you Lynn for your support for the military.


Semper Fi – Always Faithful

Recognize the slogan? I’m sure you do. It belongs to the Marines. Semper Fidelis. Though usually heard in the shortened form, Semper Fi. As they say, they are The Few. The Proud.

All military branches are heroes to me. I love them all. The men and women that serve our country, risking their lives for ours, stand tall in my eyes.

But the Marines. There is something a little different about them.

Other military services offer a career but the Marine Corps offers a new life, as they say. And their lives are expected to be exemplary. The Marines’ site says, “Marines are held to the highest standards, ethically and morally. Respect for others is essential. Marines are expected to act responsibly in a manner befitting the title they’ve earned.”

They are on duty 24/7, every day of the year, on base or off base, in uniform or out if it and are to act with decorum, defined as dignified propriety in behavior, speech, and dress.

Their dress regulations say, “Marines may well be associated and identified with the Marine Corps even when not wearing a uniform. Therefore when civilian clothing is worn, Marines will ensure that their dress and personal appearance are conservative and commensurate with the high standards traditionally associated with the Marine Corps. No eccentricities of dress will be permitted.”

Even their uniform, the dress blues, projects a special image.

Their watchwords are loyalty, honor, courage, and commitment. Semper Fi, as one site says, voices “loyalty and commitment to their Marine comrades-in-arms.” Therefore, in combat, Marines never leave a wounded comrade behind. says, “Semper Fidelis means Marines are “Always Faithful” to the country, the Marine Corps, and each other. Our nation entrusts us with its young men and women and we respond with an unbreakable commitment, in combat and in life.”

So, what does ‘faithful’ mean? The dictionaries say that it means…

* loyal, constant
* reliable, trusted
* full of faith, believing
* consistent with truth or actuality
* steadfast in affection or allegiance
* true to the facts, to a standard, or to an original
* showing a strong sense of duty or responsibility
* a faithful worker, true to one’s word, promises, vows, etc.
* adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, faith, cause, duty, or idea
So, are we, as Christians, as faithful as the Marines? Do we thump out chests with our fists and say, “Semper Fi” to our Christian comrades-in-arms?

Are we…

* loyal
* reliable
* devoted
* constant
* steadfast
* consistent
* responsible
* true to our word?

Are we faithful in our…

* work
* wealth
* witness
* worship
* wedding vows?

Are we faithful to our heavenly country, being quality citizens? Are we faithful to each other? Are we faithful in our behavior, speech, and dress, 24/7? Do we keep the highest standards, ethically and morally?

Are we committed to our Christian comrades-in-arms? Do we have an attitude of unbreakable commitment, in combat and in life, so that we do not leave our wounded brothers and sisters behind when they are in a battle? Are we courageous and disciplined warriors in our efforts to fight off the enemy?

Do we long to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” (Matt. 25:21 NKJV)

So, are you…the few? The proud? Always faithful? Semper fi!

From His feet, Lynn


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