Be Thankful for Your Freedoms Given to you by the Military

It is Memorial Day, and I am so thankful for the sacrifice that the men and women have gone through to make my world free, and so wonderful.

I am a veteran myself. I served in Korea. I know the trials service men and women go through.

The loneliness of being away from home. The unknown factors of each day. But I am proud that I took the step and enlisted. It helped me be  a better man today.

My son is also in the military. He is a career soldier. He served two tours in Iraq, and is now a full Bird Colonial. I am extremely proud of him.

I would be very wrong if I didn’t mention that I have other family members that have served in the military. My brother was in the National Guard, and two of my uncles were in WWII. They both were wounded in the battle.

Think about what we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the efforts of  the people went that extra mile to serve their country. Thank someone you know right now that served.


One of the sad parts of the military is that the suicide rate is extremely high in the military. I mentioned some reason that may be a problem in my introduction. Too many hours alone, and facing fear each day.

My quest is that I be able to reach out to the service men and women through my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” By being there and knowing what they go through I think the book may enlighten them and hopefully give them hope.

If you some good connections in the military that could help me set-up a signing on a base somewhere. I would be more than happy to hold one, and give a portion to a fund that supports the families of the fallen soldiers who took their own lives.


You can check the book out first by going to the top of this page and clicking on “Bookstore.” When you do, there is a description there plus a picture of the cover. If you need some endorsements, there is also a tab that says “endorsements,” at the top of this page. There are endorsements there from all over the United States.

I hope you at least check the book out. I think it can be a life changer for many.