It is Very Hard to Place a Loved one in Hospice Care

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I have a podcast here that I did with John Kremer, the marketing guru. He invited me to share unusual places to sell books. Take a listen and hit those streets running:


The interview I had with John Kremer above was a rare opportunity for me to market my book.

I get John’s weekly newsletter, and in one of them he asked people who have some rare topic to talk about to send him an outline of what you might talk about in an interview with him on a podcast.

I decided to take a shot at it, and sent an outline of how I could share many unusual places to sell your books. John was all over it.  He really like the topic.

This was one of those things that a person might ask me at the end of one of my keynote speaking engagements. “How did you get this great opportunity?” The answer would two words…”I asked.”

If you don’t push your platform, and try to spread your brand you will be dead in the water.

Don’t ever be shy. I will be telling you on Friday how I got a very famous person to do the foreword for my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” It was unorthodox, and on the edge of being rude.


Thoughts just for you….

I went through a very stressful day today. I had to place my mother on Hospice care. The pain and frustration felt when doing this left me in a state of exhaustion, and sadness.

But when I met with the team of Hospice care givers, and they told me what they can do for my mom in her end times, I gained much comfort in that she will be cared for in a very professional way, and her life will have some dignity through the end.

I am sure some of you have or will be going through similar situations.

One thing that helped me through the whole process was knowing that god was there with me. I knew that he loves my mother as much as I do, and will make her final days be as calm, and comfortable as possible.


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!


The Younger Generation is Drifting into the Twilight Zone

*It has been a few days since I last posted. It has been busy, and also I had some doctor issues. I hope to post much more often in the future.


I went and watched a “punk Rock,” band last night. It was my very first time I watched this kind of music. (Probably will be my last too.) The reason I went to watch is that my nephew was the drummer in the band. I was amazed at his energy through the whole,”gig.” He never let up and was in full movement the whole hour and a half they played. He was very good, and I actually enjoyed a couple songs. I started to get up to jump up and down like the groupies were doing, but my back said “No way!” I sat back down, and just tapped the table with my fingers.

The younger generation has slowly drifted into the twilight zone with music. I listened very carefully and tried to understand their strange movements, and gestures as they sang, but I am a dinosaur in Jurassic Park, trying to fit into the modern world when it comes to the new kind of music we hear today.

Do you feel the same way about fitting into the new wave, or the “new religions?” Are there some movements you see rising up that scare you, and make you wonder what this world is coming to? You certainly aren’t alone.  

There are many new sects, and religions that are popping up because there are many people interpreting the Bible to their own liking. They pick out a few versus, and base their new religion on them out of context.

The bottom line is that the Bible cannot be torn apart and made into to what ever we want it to be. God wrote the Bible, and the words will not change. The meaning seems to change with the people translating it into a version to helps them with their own philosophy.

Does all of this cause you frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, etc? I can really relate to that. I have been there. I had my doubts in the past.

Remember, the Word of God never changes. People change. All we have to do is believe, and let the rest of the people argue over what the right outcome will be. (I know the outcome. I’ve read the end of the book!)


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God bless…