Do You Often have “Bad Hair Days?”

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Another shocking announcement! ( That got your attention!) “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World, ” is now out in eBook form. I You can acquire it at all the eBook outlets. It is only $4.99 compared to $19.99 in the bookstores. Help it climb the best selling list. You can even order it right from this site by clicking on the Amazon icon on the right.

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I have a podcast here that I did with John Kremer, the marketing guru. He invited me to share unusual places to sell books. Take a listen and hit those streets running:


I thought I was going to have a bad hair day. This was the day I met with my doctor to go over some test reults.

The resut turned out to be not so bad. I have some kidneys that aren’t 100%, (57%) but are OK. I will have to have blood tests for them every three months, and a ultra sound every six months. I can handle that compared to what I was thinking it could be.

This was another one of those examples that 99% of what we worry about never happens, and the other 01% we should turn over to God.

I did have a positive end to the day. I checked my mail at my business mail bax, and there was a check from a shop where they carried my book. They had sold all three of the books I left there on consignment.

While I am on that subject, let me highlight an interview I did with John Kremer. (You can listen to the while thing above in the last paragraph of the lead-ins.)

In that interview, John asked me to share some unusual places to sell books.

The store that I just sold three was a children’s shop with toys, learning programs, and childrens books. The owner was a fine Christian woman who had recently lost her husband. She had one little nook area in the store where she sold Christian books. We agreed to try my books in the store. All three sold.

My wife and I have a hair dresser that has her own beauty salon. She has pretty good traffic. I asked her if she might carry my books near her spot. She agreed, and I sold 26 books at that one spot. My book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,”  has nothing to do with hair styles, etc, but it was unusual, and it was there in the fall before Christmas. How could you go wrong in doing your Christmas shopping while you are having your hair done at the same time?

I had a friend who owned a winery near me. I talked to him about carrying my book in his gift shop. He didn’t think it would do too well, because all the other books were about wine. I told him I would go on consignment, and there would be no cost out of his pocket. He liked that, and agreed to put them in his gift shop. I sold six books in that winery gift shop. Again it was in the fall, and people coming in wehre looking for unsual gifts. I later had a signing there and sold 20 more books.

You need to list to the podcast to hear some other ideas.

Don’t ever think that ANY one store is not good to sell your books. Check all of them out and talk to the owner. Often, offering to have your books on consignment only intices the owners to give it a try.


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!


Updates on the Marketing Plan for Signs of Hope

I have started a new marketing plan for 2011. I am now “hitting,” all the bookstores, and gift shops in Oregon that I can, in person, to see if I can place, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” in them.

If you are a store owner, or know someone who is ine in the Northwest area, please make a comment and let me know the contact information.

I will offer a 40% discount just for the store, and even go on consignment. That means no money out of the store owners pocket unless the books sell.

I placed two books in the Oregon State Capital Building gift shop this last week, and I have 24 books placed at the Women’s Assistance league gift shop at the Daue House location in Salem.

I have books in all of the Rainbow West Christian bookstores, which are in Albany, Salem, Gresham, and Oregon City in Oregon, and two locations in Vancouver, Washington. One store is at the Vancouver mall.

There are books at the Eola Hills Winery in Rickreall, Oregon.

On the Oregon Coast, there are book in Newport at the Canyon Way book store, and in Waldport at the New Creations Beauty Salon.

You can order it online at,,, and on this website at:

On my site, I will be changing the price, in the next week. I will let you know when it has been changed. The price will be lowered from $19.99 to $15.99. A four dollar savings.

The books ordered from my website will have a personal note and an autograph.

I will have some exciting news in a future post about a contest for self published books I am entering. (News at 11:00 Pm. 🙂 )


Also check back for updates on new signing  times and locations I will doing this year. One is already scheduled at Border’s Bookstore In Salem, Oregon on April 16th, from 2-4 P.M. The location of the store is on Lancaster.