Bumper Stickers do Have an Impact on Life

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I will be having a huge announcement about my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” coming up in about a week. That’s all I’m telling you for now. Be sure to come back often to see when it pops up.

This book reaches out to those who may be suffering from anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, self-doubt, hopelessness, and the many other usual suspects.


I have another excerpt from the book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” This chapter talks about bumper stickers and the impact they have on people.



Chapter 69


Will the Road You Travel Get to My House?


[Jesus said], “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world

as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

Matthew 24:14


I have done a lot of traveling and have visited many places in the world. Some of those trips have been in a car. (That may stop now because of the price of gas!) While driving I have seen many bumper stickers. I’ve had many close calls trying to write them down. If you see a car swerving back and forth on a highway, wave—it is probably me.

Charlottehas taken over the bumper sticker writing chore so I can concentrate on watching out for crazy drivers—the ones doing dumb things, like making silly turns, that lead to destruction.

I’m convinced the whole world has taken a sharp turn! It is not even an “S” curve. In many ways, it is a complete hairpin curve.

I saw the above bumper sticker, but I’ve also seen bumper stickers that tell me more about the driver than I really want to know: “Born-again pagan,” “Keep music evil,” and “Party ’til he’s cute.” Then there’s the largerDarwinfish swallowing the Christian symbol of the fish, or the one where the fish has legs.

These people are advertising for sin. They have bumper stickers on their cars where everyone can see them. They are the mockers of God and “get away” with it because He allows people to make choices. They can make those choices all they want, but they will face God someday. Then He will make His choices.

People seem to shy away from letting other people know they are Christians. We have a perfect way to advertise just like the mockers do. It says in the Bible, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” (Mark 16:15). In today’s culture, Jesus could be saying, “Put a bumper sticker on your car and drive into the world and show them the good news.”

Everyone has to wait at red lights, and people’s eyes naturally go to any bumper sticker on a car to see what it says. A believer could do more witnessing in one day then he could ever dream of doing in a lifetime.

We might even feel obligated to do this. The enemy does it. He gets people to think they need to let people know how cool they are by “advertising” ungodly things. We could let them know how cool we are because we are the ones on the fast track to heaven.

Wouldn’t it be something if the Rapture occurred just as people were reading a bumper sticker that says, “Warning, driver may disappear because of the Rapture”? The look of fear on their faces would be worth a thousand pictures. Talk about shock and awe!

I have many “witnessing” bumper sticker sayings in my data files. What if we all had at least one of them on our cars? Do you think it would make any difference? Does a fish swim? (The Christian fish, of course.)

[Jesus said], “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see

 your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16


Further Adventures

I am not advocating a mass purchase of bumper sticks, but suggest that you pay more attention to them. They all have meaning—either bad or good. If you think you would like to witness a very easy way, look up bumper stickers on the internet. You’ll find thousands of them. Be sure to choose ones that witness for God, and you will be a walking (driving) witness for God.


Something to Ponder

Isn’t it funny how you can send a thousand “jokes” through e-mail and they spread like wildfire, but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord, people think twice about sharing?


You are not alone.

You are not forsaken.

You are not unloved.

And above all… never, ever, give up!


Prayer-Wireless Access to God with no Roaming Fees

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I have a few announcements:

1. I just had a trailer made for my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” I signed off on the final draft two days ago, and it should be showing up on You Tube in the next few days. check it out. The company that did it. (Apex Reviews) did a great job.

2. I will have and e-book coming out in a couple of weeks of the same book. It will be able to be bought at Amazon.com. Barnes & Noble, etc. The price will probably be $3.99. _______________________________________________________

If you have read my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” you will have seen that all the chapters start with a bumper sticker. What follows are some that didn’t make it into that book, but will be used in future books:

  • Honk  if you love Jesus. Text while you are driving if you want to meet Him.
  • Easter is more than something to dye for.
  • Need a life guard? Jesus walks on water.
  • Be an organ donor. Give your heart to Jesus.
  • Prayer- wireless access to God with no roaming fees.
  • Forbidden fruits create many jams.
  • Ge right or get left.
  • God is like a detergent. He gets the stains out others have left.
  • I’m making a list and checking it twice. -God
  • Sun screen prevents sin burn.
  • You have Facebook friend request from Jesus. Confirm or ignore.
  • Dust on your Bible can lead to dirt in your life.
  • Get off Facebook and read my book. -God.

My own thought I add every time I post: Never, ever, give up!

You can see that bumper stickers tell a story in themselves. That is why I was able to write a whole book with their titles, and make some words to live by through them.

The book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” reaches ou to those who may be suffering from, Anxiety, fear, depression, addictions. self-doubt, hopelessness, etc.

The book is on sale right here on this site. You just need to click on the “Bookstore,” tab at the top of this page. You will then see a description of the book, and a copy of the cover.

There is a special price right now if you order this week. In the retail stores it is $19.99. On this site it is only $15.99. the shipping is cut in half as well. A total savings of over $ 6.00. THINK CHRISTMAS!

Countdown to Blast-off for New Book

The days are numbered as far as when my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” comes out. I am working with the publisher with the final phase of getting the book done. That would be the back cover.

Check back here every few days to see the big announcement when the book actually comes out. You will be the first to know! You will be able to order the book  right off of this site.

I thought I would share with you some of the endorsements that will be in the book, plus the foreword. This will be a long post because of it, but please read through and see the many people who are excited about the book.


Douglas Bolton is more than just an author – he is a breath of fresh air and beacon of hope to a hurting world. He addresses issues he’s struggled within his own journey -the journey we call life. His speaks openly and honestly about his own struggles with anxiety, hopelessness and depression that brought him to the end of himself. He brings a personal perspective into his story while weaving the truth he has found in God’s word as his means of finding a purpose that is larger than himself. He has an amazing ability to connect with and motivate individuals from all walks of life and provides them with a vision that leads to life-altering breakthroughs in their own life.


Chaplain-Addiction Counselor

Michael Clark


Doug’s collection of sayings from bumper stickers and other sources provides delightful—and usually profound—insights into the spiritual truths he draws from them.

 Sue Miholer, owner of Picky, Picky Ink, her freelance writing and editing business.


Kind words make good echoes’ is a good bumper sticker to describe Doug Bolton’s book. The simple truths he has written echo the truths we know and love from the Word of God. It is a good reminder of God’s constant love and care for us who are seasoned Christians and an encouragement to those just beginning their walk with their Savior.


Stacey Womack, Founder and Executive Director of Abuse Recovery Ministry and Services (ARMS)



To anyone who hasn’t been able to experience a personal, intimate relationship with God, Doug Bolton’s book is a must read.  To the person who is exhausted from doing it all alone, who has lost their way, Doug’s beautiful journey to new levels of his purposeful life, will help you feel a most loving connection with a loving Father.  You will discover that you can never fail when following God’s quiet, most directive guidance.


-Mary Reynolds, Author of Make a Difference with the Power of Compassion

“Plentiful in wisdom and experience, Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World, offers a lifeline to anyone adrift in the challenges of everyday living. Concentrated and easy to apply, Doug Bolton has smoothed the road for the weary traveler with Scriptural counsel that touches on the most paramount matters of life.”

-Chris Coppernoll, author of Screen Play and a Beautiful Fall


“Sometimes it is only after we go through the darkest of valleys that
the light-beams of wisdom can shine through and illumine our path.
Doug Bolton has walked through that dark valley and, by the grace of
God, has discovered some wonderful lessons for life. You will enjoy
his ‘bumper sticker’ nuggets of wisdom.”


Pastor Scott Nelson

Morning Star Community Church 


Doug Bolton openly shares his vulnerabilities while intertwining them with his experiences in his book Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World. From coping with deep depression to failed careers, Doug’s encounters with life will give you assurance that you are standing beside a fellow traveler who understands and won’t offer pat answers. Throughout the book he reaches out his hand to accompany you on this difficult journey of life, and help you more fully grasp God’s unconditional grace and love.

Although this book conquers tough topics about why we must suffer, why loved ones leave this earth so soon, or why circumstances out of our control prevent us from helping someone in need, it is truly a book of hope. Doug’s insights, devotional-style encouragement, practical suggestions, and even his sense of humor, will guide you toward to a more intimate relationship with Christ, regardless of the complex circumstances you may be facing.            

Doug shares bumper sticker sayings throughout the book, and as one who lives with a chronic illness and daily pain, I found Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World heartening and filled with reminders of one of my own favorite bumper stickers, “Know God, Know Peace. No God, No Peace.”

I am delighted to recommend this book to anyone who needs encouragement, but especially those who live with chronic illness or pain.

Lisa Copen

Founder of Rest Ministries, joyfully serving those with chronic illness or pain



 We all love a story–especially one that leads us to answers for problems we may be struggling with. Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind is filled with encouraging and inspiring stories that lead us to God’s answers for all those personal struggles.


Sally E. Stuart, author of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide, stuartmarket.com


This book that Doug has written is one to have on your shelf so that you can pick it up and read it time and time again. It could be used as a daily devotional. He gives us wonderful messages using his humor and personal experiences to make them real to each of us.  Doug’s use of Bible verses is so very relevant to each subject he is discusses.  I found myself writing them down to hopefully memorize later. The book ends with chapters challenging us to be witnesses of God’s salvation and then gives us tools and references to help us be fruitful. I will have this book on my shelf and I know I will give it as a gift to Christian and non-Christian friends.


Bonnie Nester, Author of Moments this Good, the story about a caregiver of a family member who has Alzheimer’s.


Are you trying to make sense of your life?  Do you long for purpose and meaning in your heart?  If so, Doug Bolton’s masterpiece Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World, is a must read for you.  Doug is passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ and he wants everyone to know about it.  The words he writes on the pages of this book paint a beautiful picture of the truth from Scripture that God loves you and created you for a personal relationship with Him.  Just as Doug testifies in his book you too can find purpose, love, and hope by living your life all for Jesus!

All for Jesus!

International Evangelist Reid Saunders

Reid Saunders Association  


Signs of Hope

Stories have their own unique way of teaching us things. When Jesus taught the crowds from Capernaum to Jerusalem, He chose stories about everyday people in everyday places to teach us about ourselves and about the God we serve. With their panoramic perspective, stories give us insight into the essential matters of life. We learn from the truths embedded in the journey of others.

In Signs of Hope, Douglas Bolton extracts wisdom from his personal life experience, mining it for the faith lessons God’s urged his heart to pen for us. In his words, we find simple answers to the harrowing and the complicated, as he shares timely and powerful lessons on living with hope in the midst of this challenging age.

Hope refreshes, when we feel overpowered by the world around us. We observe bleakness in another’s eyes (and sometimes in our own), and wonder how our peace can be restored. Self-generated resources are inadequate. But when we turn back towards God, we discover His supply, an unending fountain for us to drink.

The power and richness of stories are themselves a fountain, if flowing with God’s eternal truth. It’s in this spirit, I recommend the journey Douglas Bolton has arranged for his readers. His experience of walking many years and miles with the Lord have infused these pages. May Signs of Hope, with its offering of refreshment, grow your faith in God, and lead you to a closer walk with Him.

Chris Coppernoll

International Radio talk show host on Soul to Soul