Show Others How Great a Christian you can be

It has been a while since I last posted. I’ve been traveling, and had lots of work to do. Things have happened since the last post.

I have a new book trailer to share with you. Just click on the link below to see it. It is for my book, “Signs of Hope! Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.”

This was done by Apex Reviews. I highly recommend them for your book trailer projects.


What does it take to be a good Christian? What changes when we are first re-born? Let me give you some thoughts:

Let’s pretend you are a new car. You have just been put together into a new frame and new engine. You look pretty to all that come to see you.

But what will you do when it is time to perform? What will people think when they see you running.

People will be testing you out everyday to see if you are really as good as you look. They will tempt you. They will wonder how you will do under pressure.

You may not be a Jaguar, but if you are truly a Christian, you will shine and perform beautifully.

Yes, there will be times when you will need a tune-up. That is called church. There will be times when you are not running as smoothly as you would want. That is called prayer time.

Rev up your engine and show others how great a Christian you can be. Win the race, and be the champion.


After you have looked at the book trailer, I hope you will check out the “bookstore,” and see some more about the book.

There is a special sale going on from now through Christmas. (Yes, it is only 55 more day until Christmas!)

In the stores, the book costs $19.99, but on this site it is only $15.99. The shipping has been cut in half as well. A total savings of over $6.00.

Finally, I want you to always remember:

Never, ever, give up!

99% of What we Worry About Never Happens

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There is exciting news! We now have bookstores at both of our sites. You can order, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” here on this site by clicking on the “bookstore,” tab at the top of this page.

This book reaches out to those who suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, self-doubt, and the many other usual suspects.

AND now you can also order the book at We just added a bookstore there for your convenience. Just go to the top of the page and click on “bookstore,” there as well.

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I am still battling jet lag from my trip to Wisconsin. It was very relaxing while I traveled, but on the way home, I was already tired, and we had a two hours flight delay. Then when I got home, I was too exhausted to post on our blog. I am getting better as the time goes one, but jet lag is for real, and it has pulled me down like a huge magnate.

One of the things I noticed on my trip is that people are seeking ways to help others even though there is no crises. That is something that has come from the 9-11-01 incident. People in the terminals were letting other people sit that were elderly. They went out of their way to greet others. One person let a another person bump them off a flight, because that person had been waiting so long to get home to their loved ones.

It is too bad we have to face trials and storms to have this happen, but God allowed it to happen and now the results is more caring people and a bonding of the world, in general to never allow terrorist to bully us again into fear and chaos.

The fear of 9-11 may still be lingering in people’s minds, but they have decided that they will not let the bad guys control their lives by making them change their daily routine. I think this is what the terrorist had in mind, and in that case, they have lost.


I failed to mention above that the book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” is on sale on both sites right now. In the stores it is on sale for $19.99, but on our site it is only $15.99. The shipping is cut in half as well. A total savings of over $6.00.


Never let worry take over you life. The statistics show that 99% of what we worry about never happens. All you have to do is give that 01% over to God and let Him carry you the rest of the way.

Never, ever, give up!


The United States Will Not be Bullied Into Fear

I have been  away for over two weeks doing book signings, and traveling across the United States. I am back now, and hope to have a regular posting schedule for the fall.


I want to thank those who have been signing up for the RSS feed for this site. It really makes a difference. If you haven’t done that please do it today.


I told you way back on August 22nd, that I was going to start sharing actual excerpts from my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” I then took off for several weeks. My apologizes for that. I will explain my absence below.


From August 26th-September 5th. I did a signing at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, Oregon. What a great experience that was. I met thousands of people. I handed out over 200 business cards, and sold many books.

I was invited back for next year so I hope to see some of you there.


Form September 6th- 11th, I was traveling the United States by bus, plane, and train.  In future posts I will slowly tell you about how that went. It was a wonderful trip.

I sold three books to people who traveled with me.


One of the things I noticed is how people reacted to the 9-11 day travel. You would think that the terminals would be empty, and no flights would be going on Sunday the 11th.

Just the opposite happened. The terminal were full of travelers, and some flights were over booked.

This proves that the people of the United States will not be bullied into fear. We will withstand any threats, and continue with our lives.


I have an exciting announcement to make. By the end of this week I hope to have my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” ready as an e-Book. I will give you the actual publishing date when the time is near.

For now, you can order the book right here on this site by clicking on the “bookstore,” above. It is on a special sale right now. In the bookstores it is $19.99, but if you order from this site it will only be $15.99. The shipping is cut in half as well. A total savings of over $6.00.


Never, ever, give up!