What is Hope? Why do so Many People Seek it?

I want to thank all of you who have recently ordered books from this site. I think you are one smart shopper, because this site is the place you can get the book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly world,” the cheapest.

The cost in the stores, and online is $19.99. The cost on this site is $15.99. The shipping has been cut in half as well. It was $4.70 and now it is $2.35. That is a savings of over $6.00.


What is Hope? Why do so many people seek to fine it?

Webster’s Dictionary describes hope like this:

  1. The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out well.
  2. To believe or trust.

The book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” is about sharing hope for those who suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, self-doubt, hopelessness, and the many other afflictions that attack us.  

I would like you to check out the “bookstore,” and read what the book is about. Also go to the “endorsement,” tab and read what other people think of the book.

This book is reaching  out to many people who were lost. I have received many phone calls, emails, and letters from people who have been blessed, or someone in their family has been blessed.

This proves that this books is for the glory of God, and I am just the messenger.

God bless you during this Easter time….

Your Book is a Blessing, and Even a Lifesaver for Many

I have been selling a  few books each month. I have been able to make a deposit at the end of each month in my writing account. God has blessed  me in many ways.

The most important thing is that I have been receiving phone calls, letters, and emails from people who have been blessed by the book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.”

It reaches out to those who suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, self-doubt, hopelessness, and the many other afflictions we all face.

Getting these notes, and emails has comfirmed my efforts, and has glorified God.

You too can have a copy of this book by going to the “bookstore” tab at the top of this page. Click on it and go from there.

There is a huge discount going on right now for Easter. The book was $19.99, and it is now $15.99. The shipping was $4.70, and now it is $2.35. There is a total savings of over $6.00 if you order right now.

Look at the list of afflictions above. I am sure you can think of someone who could benefit from this book. Maybe even yourself. It is a small price to pay when it helps someone who is on the edge and needs to be rescued.

I am going to share on note I received, but leave the name of the person off, becaause I haven’t cleared it with her yet.

She said,” I know your book will be a blessing -even a life saver for many.”

That is a typical note I have been receiving.

I hope you will take a minute to go to the bookstore, and at least read the description, and see the cover. I think once you do you will see the need to get this book to others, like many people have.


People are Looking for Hope. There is a Place to Find it

It has been a while since I last posted. I don’t have many good excuses. It just seemed like I needed some air.

I hit the streets running when my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World,” was first published. I had signings every week, and did double posting on this site, and my blog at: www.dailysignsofhope.com. The “signs” blog is really taking off. It was started a year ago September, and it already has close to 1500 followers.

Why is it doing so well? It reaches out to those who are suffering from anxiety, fear, hopelessness, depression, and many other of the devastating afflictions. People are looking for hope, and this site shares thoughts on how to find it.

The book is also a book full of hope for those same people. You can check the book out by clicking on the “Bookstore,” tab at the top of this site. Once you are there you can see a short description, and a copy of the cover. Go on to the next step an order one today. Think of Easter! This is a great book to give as a gift for Easter. It shares hope, and renewal for those who are seeking  a new fresh outlooks on life.

There is a special going right now. The book was $19.99. It is now only $15.99. The shipping was $4.70, and now it is only $2.35.  A total savings of over $6.00.

You also may think of someone who may benefit from this book even though it might not be Easter time. Think of friends and family that seem sad, or are searching for answers.


Here are some thoughts for the day:

  • 99% of what we worry about never happens. The other .o1% should be turned over to God.
  • Since God made you in His own image, don’t you think he cares enough for you to protect and guide you?
  • Worry is the dark room where negatives are developed.
  • Kneeling before God keeps you in good standing.
  • Your church is prayer conditioned.

May God bless you during the Easter time. Remember that Jesus died a rose again. He is not a dead idol. He is alive and well.