We Have Winner for the “What’s so Great About Christianity Book!”

The time has past for our second giveaway! A winner has been selected, and they will be notified.


Now I have another free book to give away! The book is called, How to Win Over Worry. It is written by John Edmund Haggai. He is the founder of Haggai Institute for Advanced leadership Training. He has written eleven other books. This particular book is very timely, because of the situations you and I have to go through because of the economy. It is very easy to fall into self doubt, anxiety, low self esteem, fear, depression, etc.

How to Win Over Worry, Has over 2 million copies in print. This shows us many people are getting it to help them cope in their lives.

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I have some exciting news about my book, Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind: Life beyond Bumper Stickers. People are starting to endorse the book. That is why I just added the endorsement tab at the top of this site for you to check them out as they come in.

I have eight people reading the manuscript, and I am hoping they all like the book. I can’t tell you the names of the people who are considering endorsing the book because that would be wrong. They wouldn’t want me to falsely claim they endorsed the book.

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