24 People Booted from Game on Saturday!


24 people booted at game with ASU


Yes, I said 24 people were kicked out of the game on Saturday against ASU! It wasn’t pretty. Two of the infractions were very minor. A guy tried to sneak in without a ticket. (How dare him!!!) Then two students jumped over the railing onto the playing area, before the game was over. (We had several people injured. We could have used them!)  Then it got a lot worse. Fourteen people were booted for trying to sneak alcohol into the game. (I remember those days.) 5 were kicked out for disorderly conduct. (That is when a boyfriend tries to act tough around the police to impress his girl friend except she dumps him anyway, because of the embarrassment.) There was one guy that was too intoxicated. (Must have been an ASU fan. We couldn’t have anyone like that in Oregon could we?) Finally the most idiotic play of the game from a fan. One guy broke into the women’s restroom! (Must have been the guy that was showing off for his girl friend and he was looking for her.)


Seriously…… A college football game is not the place to be causing havoc for the fans around you. They deserve to enjoy the game.  They do not need to be interrupted by drunken actions. If you wish to drink that heavy go to the Cheers bar in Boston, where everyone knows your name!


The State of OSU Sports Report


I am a member of the Athletic Director’s Advisory Board. We met on Saturday before the ASU game.


Bob DeCarolis highlighted how the many different sports were doing. Volleyball is on a tremendous upswing, beating ranked teams this year and they are very young. Women’s Cross Country has only been in existence for four years and they were ranked this year. The Women’s Soccer is extremely young; it looks good for next year. In swimming we have back our National Champion and Olympic performer Saori Haraguchi. The Men’s basketball team won their first game. (More on that later.) The Women’s basketball team crushed Lewis & Clark 98-35. (More information later)


Bob then shared the future for facilities for remodel or new construction.


1.     There will be a new Student Success Center. It will be where help is available for academics, and tutoring. They will start building it next month. It will be between the parking structure that is across from Gill Coliseum and the Alumni building. It will have 30,000 sq. feet.

2.     Speaking of Gill Coliseum, have you ever seen a sign, plague, or statue of the person that Gill is named after? If you say you haven’t, that is because there isn’t one. DeCarolis thought this was not right. He wants to have a statue of Slats Gill placed outside of Gill Coliseum to honor him.

3.     The Valley Football Center will have some remodeling. There will be some new covering on the floor and wall in the halls. There will be new graphics on the walls honoring past athletes and coaches.

4.     Goss Stadium is just about complete. They are just putting in the final touches inside the new facility on the west side.

5.     Gill Coliseum is being resurfaced on the outside. You can see the huge plastic coverings on the south side. They will then go around the stadium until they meet again on the parking area between the two facilities. There is a lot of asbestos underneath all the paint they are taking off. Bob said you couldn’t burn down Gill even if you tried!!! Those of you that went to the first basketball game this year must have noticed the scoreboards were gone. There is something new going to happen there. No report from Bob on that.

6.     There is a new boathouse being built for rowing.

7.     There is a strong movement to build a new track. This would an excellent place to donate if you are looking for some way to help in the sports department. The track will be located south of the RV parking. When it is finished they will bring back men’s track!! They need 5 Million dollars to get started. So would one of you get out your check book and cover that?


How does he school pay for all of this? It is through donations, and matching funds from the government. Without your help none of these projects could even get started.


Let me ask you a question. If you have been paying into BASF funding to get football and basketball tickets, you are doing your part in supporting the athletic program and the whole university. What about if you are not contributing to BASF? What if you haven’t donated for any programs at OSU? Let me give you some ideas:


1.     If you give directly to the athletic Department, and do not receive anything in return, (tickets) your donation will have a 100% write-off on your taxes. I can’t think of a better way for those of you that received your degree at OSU to thank them for your education. Your money will help hundreds of students reach the same dream you had when you were going to school there. A college degree! It doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars. I hope you will give generously, but even if you give as little as $100.00 that adds up quickly if all of you on my email list gives.

2.     These are hard times. I can’t argue with that, but it is even harder for the young men and women to be able to afford to go to college. If you help out, you will have a tax deduction, and have the good feeling that you helped some youth at the same time.


If you want to find out more on how to help out with a donation, call Doug Oxsen at 1-541-737-7486 at his office, or 1-541-231-7244 on his cell phone. He can give you all the information you will need to help out in some way.


I heard somebody say something that is very profound. I have heard it many times as a matter of fact. “OSU never seems to attract ‘Blue Chip’ recruits, so they just settle for wins!”


U of O always out recruits OSU and U of O keeps on losing. They are like the energizing bunny! Why is this??? It is called COACHING!! Please understand that OSU has one of the best coaching staffs in the Nation. Coach Banker is considered one of the top defensive coaches in the United States. Coach Cavanaugh IS the best Offensive line coach on the planet! The special teams coach is highly regarded for his skills to build up that part of the picture. It goes on and on. That is what wins games. OSU has the type of coaching that is perfect for “2nd tier” players. They are excited to be recruited by a PAC-10 team, and they play their guts out to thank the coaches for it.


The Men’s basketball team played against St Martins last Sunday. It wasn’t pretty. St. Martins was ahead at one point in the second half, but I will look at the bright side:


1.     The team is much faster than last year.

2.     There was a new kid on the block. Daniel Deane, six feet eight inches and 245 pounds, not only scored many points, he was a force on the boards. He is able to mix with any big man in the PAC-10.

     Omari Johnson will our next start for basketball for OSU. He scored at will, and looked very poised on the court.


      3.     The team was without players that may be starters. Calvin        Haynes has to sit out until his quarter grades come in, and Calvin Hampton was recuperating from an injury.


The Women’s team was awesome against Lewis & Clark. They scored over 90 points and held Lewis & Clark below 40. It looks like this may be a breakout year. Time will tell.


I will have a new “Did you know?” feature. It will be in future newsletters from the website newsletter. It will have facts that not many people know about. I hope you will subscribe so that you can get some really interesting facts. One example…..Did you know that of the three loses that OSU has had this year the total wins and loses for all of them is 22-4? There will be many more of this kind of information.


There is a National Coach of the Year, program going. Mike Riley fits right into the qualifications that they rely on for the coach to be like. Please check it out, and vote for Coach Riley. He has earned it.


You will have to hunt for the right spot to vote but it is there. You will have to write in Mike Riley’s name, and they may ask you why you voted for him. Pour on the good words. They use that to help them decide. You will also notice some pretty well known names on the “Leader Board.” They are there just for that reason. They are well known.



The UCLA Pre Game


Mike Riley has never beaten UCLA on their turf. This game looks like another easy win for the Beavers. Not so fast!! It is always harder to away games. UCLA is very hungry for a win. We have our starting quarterback injured. This could a heart breaking game.


However, I do not think so. I think we will squeak this one out, 25-23. The sepcial teams will be the difference, Justin Kahut is very consistent now. Sammie Stroughter could break lose for a touchdown on punt returns and the defense could cause a fumble. Kick-off return specialist James Rogers has been close to breaking one loose too. Watch closely at the special teams.


The defense has gotten better each game. I feel they will have a good game, but there may be a touchdown from an interception. Over all we will prevail in the end, and get that famous monkey off of Coach Riley’s back for losing so many times to UCLA at their home field. GO BEAVS!


I will put the rest of the news in the next newsletter. I have gotten this one way too long. There is SO much news I can dig up for you each time I put out the newsletter.


In the next newsletter, (for those who have subscribed) will have some interesting thoughts from Bob DeCarolis on his adventure with Indiana experience as a candidate for the Athletic Director’s position there. You will not want to miss this one.


I hope you will join me for further adventures. If you have decided that this is it, I thank you for staying with me for the last five years. If you are staying to hear tons of more news in the coming months, thank you for your loyalty. You will be glad you did.


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Insiders OSU Report

Insiders OSU Report

Am I an insider? No, but it sounds good!

This will be the most important game of the year! We need

to beat ASU!

This will be the statement for the rest of the year.

“This will be the most important game of the year!”

Every game from now on is the most important game of the year.

We control our own destiny. If we win out, we are

in the Rose Bowl. If we lose the rest we will have one

of the worst seasons in a long time.

Not to worry! I see into the future, and we will win at

least two more games, and we will be going to a bowl.

The ones that are in question of course are the Arizona

game that we play at their house, and the Oregon game

that we play at our house. We have the following schedule:

1. This week: Home against ASU

2. Next week: At UCLA

3. Then we play Cal. at home

4. The following week: At Arizona

5. Then we end up with Oregon at our house.

Yes, I see that we could win all of those, but the game

that I am most worried about is the Arizona game.

They played USC very though. They are a much better

team than in the past. They can beat any team in the PAC-10.

When we play down there, it is always a close, nail biting game.

We should beat ASU and UCLA. Those are the two games

I mentioned as the ones we will win up above. Cal. has beaten

us badly in our own house, but I just have the feeling that we

will prevail this time.

So that comes down to the Oregon game. They have an awesome

offense. They have a “quarterback,” named Jeremiah Masoli

that is leading the team in rushing the last two games. He had

170 yards against UCLA and 147 against ASU. I mean he is almost

rushing as well as our own Jacquizz Rogers. (Almost) They have two Jeremiah’s in the back field,

must be the year for that name.

Wouldn’t it be a dream situation if that final game with Oregon would

be for the Rose Bowl? It could happen. Then when we beat them it

will not only get us into the Rose Bowl, but we will once again send the

Ducks waddling to a lower bowl.

Notice the yardage Jeremiah got against those two teams mentioned

above. The next two games we have is ASU and then UCLA.

Jacquizz will have real fun running against those two teams. If they

concentrate on him, then the passing will have a field day. I really

like our chances in both of those games.

ASU can’t run the ball, andtheir quarterback, Carpenter, gimps around

almost as much as I do. They allow lots of yards rushing. Any questions?

UCLA has had teams score many points on them every game.

I mean like, 59-0 pounding by BYU. Our defense is not going to allow a lot

of scoring. So if we can get in 20 points against them we will win.

The rumor birds are flying all over the place. Is Athletic Director Bob

DeCarolis leaving? Who will replace him if he does go? Can we still

entice him to stay? How long will he stay if he is hired somewhere else?

Forget all of that! He is not being considered for the position at Indiana any more! However,

he is a hot item in the Athletic Director world, so his name will come up any time there is an

opening in the NCAA.


Lute Olson retiring? Yes! Two of the reasons for his retirement; his health, (he had a stroke) and his

personal life.

Olson had a great career. He was always mentioned along side the names of, Dean Smith, Bob Knight,

and Mike Krzyewski. He built a horrible program to one of the elite teams in the NCAA.

No new coaches are being mentioned as his replacement, but it is obvious

that Kevin O’neill should be the front runner. He has gone on to an NBA job, but

the University should do what ever they can to get him back.

We need to do some voting before the presidential election next Tuesday!!

Jacquizz Rogers is the front runner in voting for the national freshman of the

year. However, the gap is closing. He only has 54% of the vote now. The next

closest has 27%. That sounds like a huge lead, but Jacquizz had 98% about two

weeks ago. The bye week may have hurt him So go to:

This Sunday is your first chance to see the “new style,” of play by the men’s

basket ball team. It is an exhibition game, but we will be able to see what type

of offense and defense that Coach Robinson will be using. Show up and show

the team that we are behind them, and get them started on a good note for the

whole season. Their game is against Saint Martins, on 11-2-08 is at 5:30 P.M.

and then they play at home again on 11-8-08 against Concordia (Oregon) University,

at 7:00 P.M.

The sports schedules for all sports for the month of November are:


November 1st- Home against ASU 7:15 P.M.

November 8th- At UCLA

November 15th- Home agaisnt Cal

November 22nd- At Arizona

November 29th- Home against Oregon


November 2nd- Saint Martins 5:30 P.M.

November 8th- Concodia (Oregon) 7:00 P.M.

November 14th- At Howard 4:00 P.M.

November 22nd- At Nevada 7:00 P.M.

November 24th- Yale 7:00 P.M.

November 26th- Montana State 8:00 P.M.

November 30th- At Fresno State 2:00 P.M.


November 2nd- Lewis & Clark 3:00 P.M.

November 11th- Concordia (Oregon) 7:00 P.M.

November 16th- Sacramento 5:00 P.M.

November 19th- Houston 7:00 P.M.

November 28th- At the Bahamas, against Arkansas 3:15 P.M.

November 29th- At the Bahamas, against North Carolina/Pacific TBA

The rest of the teams are either done for the year, or do not have any action

until after the first of the year.


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Stories From the Rest of the Sports


                    Stories from the rest of the sports



Side Bar


The OSU Men’s basketball team has officially started their practices. Oregon State basketball coach Craig Robinson had the guys doing a three minute drill of just passing the ball. His lines went like this:


“That’s too high….. Run through the line. Good….Good Seth…Good…That’s it!! It’s starting to look like something now.”


One of the first things Coach Robinson did was to become famous by talking at the Democratic Convention, and saying GO BEAVERS at the end of his speech. He did this on national TV with one of the largest audiences in history. OSU was shouted to the nation!! That caused enough stir that all the news stations presented it over and over again,

on national TV. OSU was shouted to the nation!! We will not know the ramifications of it for a while, but it sure didn’t hurt!!


You should get a real feel for OSU basketball by the end of this season. There are a record number of OSU basketball games televised this year. Seventeen games will be on the tube. Four of those games will be nationally on the FSN national network. Plenty of exposure, but what will people see?


They have their first official game November 14th against Howard University played at 4:00 P.M. at their court. They then play Big 12 teams Iowa State and Nebraska.


One highlight will be seeing Yale come to Gill on Monday November 24th. It will be played at 7:00 P.M.


Who do they play in their first PAC-10 game? None other than UCLA at home on January 2nd. It will be a 7:30 P.M. game. Might as well start at the top, don’t you think?


Did I tell you that Coach Robinson holds 5:30 A.M. practices? Yes, I said A.M. I can’t imagine college age kids even thinking about being awake at that time of the day. We will see how that works out.                       

I guess there is no sense hiding it any more. Bob DeCarolis is being considered for an opening at Ohio State University. Details are pretty sketchy at this point. I will just let you know it is happening, and we will see what unveils.


The Corvallis Gazette Times is covering it pretty closely if you want to check them out online.


News at eleven…..


Some past OSU baseball players are doing quite well in the minor leagues.


Tyler Graham had a banner year for the San Jose Giants. He stole 47 bases, and was injured part of the year.


Cole Gillespie has made quite an impact playing for the AA Huntsville Stars. He hit .281 with 14 home runs, and also had 39 doubles.


Kevin Gunderson pitched for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. He was moved up to the Mississippi Braves in AA ball.


Jonah Nickerson had a 12-4 pitching record for the Lakeland Flying Tigers. He was named the Florida State pitcher of the week in May, and had one complete game shutout.


Olivia Vivian is a freshman in OSU Gymnastics. She was late to practice at the beginning of the year. Why was that? She was competing in the Olympics for Australia. She had to make it through two different grueling trials to be selected for the Australian Olympic team. She made it and had an experience of a lifetime, competing in the Olympics.


Do you remember that the Women’s Cross Country teams was not in existence about four years ago? Well, they have come a long way, baby!! They got the first votes ever for a cross country team in the national women’s pool. They list the top 30 in this poll. OSU is 32nd. I can’t be prouder of a program, not only for how far they have come, but I also marvel of the effort that Kelly Sullivan has shown to get the program where it is today.                                                                                               

Another OSU athlete has done well. Heinrick Barnes wrestled for OSU last year and had a 22-4 record even though his was injured part of the time, but he didn’t stop there. He competed for his home country of South Africa in the Olympics. He also had to go through several trials to make the team, but he did make it, and had a memorable experience.


The OSU Women’s basketball team is looking good this year. There are three seniors on the team, to give it some stability. Point Guard Mercedes Fox- Griffin; Shooting Guard Brittney Davis and Center Tiffany Tucker give the starting five lots of experience. That pays off when it comes to PAC-10 play. Coach LaVonda Wagner said, “We haven’t had that many seniors since my first year here.” She went on to say that she was excited about the year coming up, because of all the experience. I highly suggest that you check out this year’s team. There will not be any slow ball the whole game.


The football game on the 1st of November is Homecoming Week. It will be not only a great game to watch, but is also a great time to connect with people you went to school with. There is a theme of “Benny for President.” Coach Robinson may have something to say about that.


A profile of Coach Robinson will air on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” this coming Sunday. The problem is that it is being aired at 6:00 A.M. Pacific time. You may want to tape it and wait until you eyes are up and “at ’em.”


Greg Laybourn was named the PAC-10 Defensive Player of the Week. He had 12 tackles in the game. He leads the PAC-10 with 62 tackles.


Jacquizz Rogers leads the PAC-10 in rushing at 116 yards a game. He has a week off to rest his body, and play ASU who isn’t too good on rushing defense. BTW…… ASU is also terrible with their rushing offense. Looks good on paper, but we have to go into that game knowing they will not lay down and go to sleep for us. We will have to play hard.


This Saturday night it is “Fill Gill Night,” for volleyball. They play ASU. The admission is only $1.00. Got to take advantage of that!!!


The Women’s Softball team finished the fall schedule with a perfect record!!


I would like to close with one more plea for you to subscribe to the online newsletter. I challenge you to find any source, newspapers or otherwise to have as much variety of information in one spot. This is what you will get by just taking a couple of minutes to go over to the subscription icon, just below the Amazon icons. You click on that, put in your email address, and you are set to get tons of information about OSU sports and other colleges all through the year. This will be a year round newsletter.


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