You Have Asked Many Questions about the Newsletter

 You Have Asked many Questions about the Newsletter


It seems that many of you are still on edge about the topic of the book, or what can you do if you do not like the newsletter.  Let me repeat some of the questions I am receiving, and answer them the best I can.


1.     Why should I have to read the excerpts from your book?


·        You do not have to! This is an online newsletter. That means that I have links on the newsletter which you can click on immediately if you want to by-pass any page.

2.      What are on your other pages?


·        There are three other pages. I am still in the planning stage for a couple of the pages, but one is written in cement. There is one page that will be nothing but sports. Mostly OSU sports, but I will also discuss any sport that I think should be discussed.

·        Another page will be a log of all of my travels. I have been on many trips. I have shared some of them with you already, but I haven’t even touched on my four or five trips to Asia.

·        The last page is my question mark. I am leaning on a resource page where I post actual newspaper articles from all over the world on subjects pertaining to having a better outlook on life.

·        Somewhere in those pages I hope to share some pictures of my travels, sporting events, and just plain beautiful shots of the environment.


3.     What is the book about?


·        It is about my own personal struggles with self doubt, fear of failure, anxiety, depression, battling many illnesses, and even hopelessness. It starts out a little dark, because I have to share why I had all those afflictions. But it progresses into a very happy ending. (I love happy endings.)

·        Yes, it uses the Bible as a reference on to how to battle those afflictions, and I do share how God has helped me.

·        If this bothers you, click on another link. However, I really hope you will read it because, I can’t think of too many people that hasn’t faced some of those afflictions.


4.     Does it cost anything to subscribe?


·        Nope!


5.     How often will I be getting newsletters in my email box?


·        They will come about once a week, or three times a month.

·        The front page may not always be about the book. I may add one of my famous, The top Five Ways to….., that are on how to stop feeling sorry for yourself; ways to get up after you fall, or ways to turn that frown upside down into a smile, etc.  It may be an article that I have had published in a magazine like, The Christian Journal, which they published an article called, Stop the World and let me off, I am Tired of Going Round and Round.

6.     What if I no longer want to get your newsletter?


·        There is an opt out clause at the bottom of each newsletter. However, I hope you won’t choose that route.


I hope this helps you. If you have some friends that walked away because they had too may questions unanswered, have them come back just one more time, so that they can see the answers that may help them understand.


As a matter of fact….this site will only be a success if you tell others about it. I have run out of email addresses to invite people. I have been pretty successful with the addresses I have. Out of the first 47 days of existence, there have been 210 people subscribed. My goal is still 1,000 by the first of the year. I have a lot of work to do to make that goal. You can help me!






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