It’s When we Try to Wing it on our Own, Satan is at His Best

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Thoughts just for you…

How many times have you felt alone, depressed, lost, and forsaken? I have been through all of those feeling at one time or another. I was down drowning in the muck and mire, and wondering if I was going to make it.

How did I let myself get to that point? It is all the work of the prince of this world. You can call him Satan or devil, it is the same guy.

He knows when we are at our weakest moments. He is like a roaring lion waiting  to devour us. ( I Peter 5: 8) We have to be alert to all of his tricks.

When we try to wing it on our own is when Satan is at his best. To wing it is like jumping off a cliff without those wings. Your chances are slim or none that you are going to make it.

We need to keep God on speed dial and rely on Him to protect us from the evil one. If we stead fastly cling to God’s promises we will not falter. With God on our side, who can be against us?

Turn your fears, hurts, illnesses, defeats, etc, over to God. He has much bigger shoulders to lean on, and He will take you by the hand and pull you out of that muck and mire. I know he did for me.


You are not alone.

You are not forsaken.

You are not unloved.

And above all….Never, ever, give up!







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