Why did I write a Book on such depressing afflictions?

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Now that I am posting excerpts from, Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind: Through BumpersStickers on my new free online newsletter I have been asked by several readers as to why would I write this type of book? It is about depression, self doubt, anxiety and fear.

It is because I went through depression, self doubt, anxiety, fear, and even considered suicide. I have been in the trenches! I know what it is like. Who better to ask, than one that has been there and done that.

I looked for any books written by laymen who also had been in the trenches. You know what I found? Very few books are written by anyone but pastors, ministers, religious “experts,” counselors, etc. I do not think many of them can relate. They were taught how to help people with these afflcitions, but many have no idea how the person actually feels. Wouldn’t you want someone that is talking about your problem with you to at least have gone through the muck and mire like you have?

I decided that after I turned my life over to God, that I needed to share with others how I got out of the quicksand. I wanted to share my low spots so they could see I was there with them at one time.

I sent my manuscript out to several knowlegable people on this type of subject, and they like the honesty , and the sincere compassion I share with my readers. They feel that this will reach more people than having them read a book from someone like Sigmund Frued.

Many of the people can not afford to go to a counselor, or a psychiatrist. Therefore they are looking at the shelves to find help. I think more people will want to read a book that is on their level.

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I have had many comments on the other pages of the newsletter too. The travel page is getting the most comments. I posted yesterday on the travel page and here are some comments I received:

1. What a hoot!!

2. I couldn’t stop laughing.

3. You need a babysitter when you travel.

4. My wife and I loved your humor, and your interesting comments on your travels.

Let me give you a clue as to why they are all saying what they are saying. I went on a trip to El Paso, Texas around New Years Eve. (AND I came back alive) I had a horror level adventure at the Portland, Oregon airport. Would you believe I left my ID in the airport parking lot, and didn’t have time to go back and get it? Holy moley Batman, I had quite an adventure trying to get through the security. You will have to sign up to find out further happenings on the same trip. That newsletter will come out in a few days.

I also have a resource page that has articles from newspapers from all over the world that discuss the same afflictions we have been mentioning. People really seek out that page.

Finally, I have a sports page. It is soooo much fun to write. I am mostly an Oregon State University fan. Most of my postings will be on their sports programs, but I am a open to what ever any of you may send me. I will look at it and decide if it is worth printing.

Time to hit that famous pile of hay. It is eight minutes after midnight, and I am slowly melting like in the Wizard of OZ.

Please comment on any things I say. I need feedback from you to let me know there are live people out there.


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