There Were Some in the Military Who Weren’t Thinking Too Clearly

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Military news….

“He was my pilot, as much as any of my American students had been,” writes Navy helicopter pilot Jack McCain in a heartfelt story about his deployment training Afghan pilots in 2018. McCain learned to speak Dari for the deployment, and in so doing he learned to connect with his students as human beings in a way which many Americans still cannot, even after two decades of shared conflict.

Don’t challenge someone to a push-up contest if you can’t do push-ups is a lesson retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West taught by example last week, Paul Szoldra reports. The head of the Texas Republican Party, West challenged a reporter who showed up late to a press conference to a push-up contest. When the reporter declined, the 60-year-old West went ahead solo. The thing is, none of his push-ups would pass muster in the Army, according to service members far and wide who commented on footage of the one-man contest that appeared on social media.

Even badass combat pilots have stuffed animals, Here is the story of the plushy lucky charms that many pilots take with them over airshows and combat zones far and wide. Many of those charms start out as a gift given by the pilot’s son or daughter, but over time they take on extra significance as a guardian angel, or even as a third co-pilot. They are not as expensive as an extra fuel tank or enhanced night vision goggles, but for many pilots the keepsakes are just as vital. Plus, they’re cute as heck.

IA congressman wants to “fire the generals” after an investigation revealed that safety and maintenance lapses led to a fatal training accident last summer. Eight Marines and one sailor died in the accident when the amphibious assault vehicle they were riding in sunk off the coast of California. The Marines were not trained in escaping a submerged vehicle; the crew had no time to do proper maintenance beforehand; and no safety boats were nearby to help. But the generals in charge have not been punished.
I noticed that there was no shortness of people being stupid in the military.

While in Korea, I saw some GI’s doing things that could not only hurt them, but embarrass them.

The first one was actually funny. I was walking back to my quinsite hut. I passed a Camp bar on my way.

I saw a very drunk man stagger out of the bar. He unzipped his pants and proceeded to take a leak.

In an instant he realized that that was a wrong idea, when his urine froze before it hit the ground. He zipped up his pants and rushed back in. Korea wasn’t called, “The land of the frozen chosen” for nothing.

Another time I was walking by the same bar. Four guys came out and were as drunk as skunks.

Three of them were egging the fourth guy to touch a mental flagpole with his tongue. He refused at first, but the guys kept yelling at him to do it.

He finally touched the icy pole with his tongue. Big mistake! When he tried to pull away he couldn’t. His tongue was frozen to the pole.

He started screaming in pain. There was nothing the other guys could do but stand there shocked.

They called the medics. When the medics got there they sorta laughed at first until they saw the the guy was in real trouble.

The medics did something with water and they guy was able to get his tongue loose. He was still screaming in pain.

They hauled him off to the base hospital. I heard later that the doctors told the guy his tongue would be really swollen for several days. He had to sip his meals.
Both of these stories will be in my upcoming book, Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life.

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