There Are Some shocking Things Happening in the Military These Days

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President Biden said this morning that there have been over 200 million first time virus shots given. That is good news. It is rolling in the right direction.


Some military news for you. Some of it is shocking.

“Even though you are a police officer, you still need to be held accountable” Marine veteran Carl E. Andersen Jr. told Pentagon reporter Jeff Schogol about the 2019 incident when Colorado Springs police officers tased him while he was in the hospital room of his 19-month old daughter. They tased Andersen because he refused to hand over his cell phone to a detective without an explanation, said Andersen, who is now suing the city of Colorado Springs, Teller County and the four officers involved in the altercation.
The Pentagon just can’t quit Afghanistan seems to be the message after U.S. Central Command chief Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr, told lawmakers about the military’s plan to keep launching attacks against terrorist groups in the country without having troops on the ground.  President Joe Biden wants U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan by Sept. 11, but the plan to keep the country from being used as a base for terrorist attacks against the U.S. is still in play.

“I ask for peace,” said Maj. Gen. Shawn Manke, the head of the Minnesota National Guard, after two of his soldiers were injured in a drive-by shooting while they sat in their Humvee in Minneapolis on Sunday, writes Paul Szoldra in this article. Though the soldiers suffered only minor injuries and are back on duty, the event “highlights the volatility and tension in our communities,”  as the Twin Cities await the verdict of the trial of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd last May.

On a more serious note, a retired Pennsylvania Air National Guard brigadier general, 69-year-old Frank Sullivan was sentenced to five years probation and a $2,500 fine after blaming his child porn possession on PTSD. Sullivan, whose military biography never mentions combat, isn’t the first veteran to pull the “PTSD made me do it” card, writes Marine veteran and T&P editor-in-chief Paul Szoldra in his article. And, unfortunately for victims of child pornography, the card works.

A congressman wants to “fire the generals”  An investigation revealed that safety and maintenance lapses led to a fatal training accident last summer. Eight Marines and one sailor died in the accident when the amphibious assault vehicle they were riding in sunk off the coast of California. The Marines were not trained in escaping a submerged vehicle; the crew had no time to do proper maintenance beforehand; and no safety boats were nearby to help. But the generals in charge have not been punished.


Short warning…If you take a break from working at your computer, do not go outside to see how your wife is doing in her yard work!! She put me to work, and I just got back. LOL

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As a teenager, just out of high school, I was pleasantly surprised how I adapted so quickly to basic training. The first few days, I was in shock, but then I decided I wanted to learn everything I coud and started listening carefully. I also decided that you HAVE to obey all orders. Makes life easier for you.

I have a story in my upcoming book, Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life, about a soldier in basic training that decided to challenge the rules. Wasn’t pretty.

The book is rolling again. I has to slow down for a while since I has some health issues, but

I am roaring back. I still hope to have the book out by this fall.


In basic there was a nightly “Bed check.” Not sure what that accomplished, but I got used to it.

Well, I am doing a bed check on you right now. How are you doing? Does the dark clouds cover your world? Do you have bad nights in your sleep?


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