There Are Over 22 Military Suicides in the Military Everyday. Has to stop.

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Military news…

Russia Says Some Troops Are Returning to Their Bases, But Other Large-Scale Military Drills Continue.

Some Russian troops deployed from military districts bordering Ukraine were being loaded onto trains and trucks and sent back to their garrisons, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday, signaling that Russia could be stepping away from an invasive posture.


Veterans Groups Asking Congress to Prevent Afghan Evacuees from Being Kicked Out of US

Some Afghans evacuated by the U.S. military last year could lose their legal status in the U.S. in six months and veterans groups are pushing Congress to find a permanent solution and guarantee their allies’ safety.


Pentagon Orders US Soldiers Out of Ukraine as War Fears Mount

U.S. Army National Guard troops on a training mission in Ukraine were repositioned in Europe amid escalating signals of a possible Russian invasion, the Pentagon said Saturday.


Biden Approves Pentagon Plan to Help Americans Fleeing Ukraine if Russia Invades

The White House approved a Pentagon plan to send 1,700 paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne Division to Poland to bolster that ally and assist with safeguarding Americans directed to leave Ukraine, U.S. officials said.


Number of Veterans Living in Homeless Shelters Declined During Pandemic, Report Finds

Fewer veterans lived in homeless shelters or transitional housing last year, but officials say the pandemic’s real impacts on the homeless in America won’t be known until a new batch of surveys of those living on the streets.


Americans Were Promised an ‘Orderly and Safe’ Withdrawal From Afghanistan. US Troops Say it Was Anything But

Several Marines provided investigators with visceral accounts of the chaos at Abbey Gate at Hamid Karzai International Airport in the hours leading up to a suicide bombing that killed 13 U.S. service members and as many as 170 Afghans.


Here is the last chapter of my upcoming book, Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life

Let’s Start a Ripple Effect

Have you ever thrown a pebble into a lake? Did you notice the circles that form and slowly spread out away from where the pebble went into the water? This is called the ripple effect.

Well, this can happen in your own life.

Every time you offer your hand to pick someone up; every time you share your strength and ability to persevere and every time you fight for your own recovery and help someone else with theirs, the ripple grows.

I have seen it so many times in my many years of going around the block.

A close friend of mine, who was a veteran, was given only six months to live. He used those six months to give hundreds of other people hope. He was never negative. He never blamed God for his demise. He used his impending death as a tool to help others to feel comfort in their own battles. His ripple effect reached out to all of his close friends, and through those friends it spread to many other who needed a friend.

How about you? Do you have some buddies or friends in the military that are hurting? Do they seem too quiet, or distant? They often do not seek help because of the mental attitude of the military. It is the “tough it out,” attitude. This is the time for you need to sit with them to get them to talk. You don’t have to be forceful, just be a friend, and they will open up.

Since 1999 there have been over 128,000 suicides in the military, and the veterans who are out on the private sector. We all need to do what we can to help stop this epidemic.

Twenty-two veterans end their lives every day. This is not acceptable. This needs to stop.

Hopefully you have come up with some strategies from reading this book. Use them to help those hurting around you. 

Ripple effects can begin with you. You have faced many trials in your life. What did you do when you did? Was it a poor me pity party, or did you use it to help others?  

Through your one ailment, disappointment, or failure, you can spread hope to others around you. The ripple effect will grow and continue to grow far further than you will ever know.


Check in on all of your friends and neighbors. I may have said this many times in this book, but just checking in with them cheers them up. By doing this you will brighten their day and they will in turn want to reach out to someone else.

I hope this book has been beneficial for you. Thank you for your service. As Lt. Lynn Buck Compton said when he wrote an autograph for me in his book, “All my best to an American hero.” That would be you.

Think about this

Isn’t it sad how we think about reaching out to someone, but often never do it?


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Checking in on you…How are you doing? Are you struggling with memories?


There are over 13,880 fellow veterans here who have your back.

If you are battling mentally, because of your love for others, but it isn’t working, GET HELP!!

Here is a toll free number that you can call 24/7. There are highly qualified counselors there to help you, and they will no hang up until they know you are OK.

1-800-273-8255…texting 838255.

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+If you like what you see, please subscribe at the top of this page where it says, “subscribe.” When you do, all future posts will come directly to your inbox. Also, if you know some else who could benefit from this site, please let them know.

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