The first official Prize has been given!!!

I have the great pleasure in announcing that we have our first prize awarded. I decided that the first official subcriber to this site would receive a free book. I will not name the person until I have permission.

The prize is a Book called, “Out of Darkness,” By Alicia Peterson. It is a fiction story about a young Roman beggar that is blind from birth, and a Jewish boy, anxious about his mother’s health.

This will be the begining of many prizes and awards for the future. So you need to subscribe and join in on the excitement. Only subscribers will have a change at the prizes.

The one award I really would love to give out is, the best comments of the week. I haven’t had many comments, so I am not implementing this award yet. Subscribe, and make some comments. You may be the next person to have a freebee that will very enjoyable.

I had my picture taken on the 15th. I will be posting it as soon as I get the CD. So hurry up and subscribe. I fear that once you see the picture you will run away in fear.

I will be having a professional company sending out the newsletter you are subcribing to. They are called, Constant Contact. They have newsletter templates, and I have found one that is perfect for fitting the theme we have on both sites.

I am a newbie on how to place things in the newsletter, so it could be a few days yet before I publish the first one.

Before you make comments be sure to read the rules for making comments that I have on the side bar. It will help make the comments a pleasant experience.



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