I was Ready to Check out of This Hotel Called Earth

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I just lost a very close friend this last week to a sudden death. He was only 59 years old. He had no signs of illness. He just sat down in his recliner to take a nap, and never woke up. 

We never know when God will call us home. It doesn’t matter what your age is, there is never an assurance of tomorrow on our time line of life.  

What have you been putting off that is your dream? Do you think you have something that will benefit many people, but have put it on the back burner? Do you feel you aren’t capable of making your dream happen?

Many of us have been where you are. I had a dream over ten years ago of writing a salesman’s book on how to win more clients, and make a lot of money. I had a rough draft in my drawer, and had forgotten about it.

On March 31st, of 2001, I felt lost, full of self-doubt, and battling severe depression. I was even sitting in my rig in a high school parking lot considering if I wanted to check out of this hotel called earth. God had other plans for me and stopped me while I sat in my Ford Explorer crying my eyes out. He came into the rig and calmed the storm. It was like He was saying, ” It is about time you let me carry you the rest of the way.”

I went home and prayed, seeking why God saved my life. I instantly thought of that rough draft in my desk drawer. I pulled it out and thought, “This isn’t what I want to write about. I don’t want to try to convince anyone to be a better salesman. What good is this manuscript to me?”

Then God opened my eyes. I looked at the chapter titles and they fit perfectly into a Self Help Christian book. Each chapter said something that would cause the reader to think about what their life should be like.

One example was, ” Need Directions?” That title was asking potential salespeople if they knew what they were doing to win a client. The new thought was that people need to read the Bible to find out what they needed to do to have eternal life. Every chapter of that book was converted into the book I mentioned in the entry to this post.

I got the needed directions from God and I am here today being able to type this, because God gave me a new gift of life, and I followed His calling.

Don’t let a call from God pass you up. That dream you have is probably from God, and He is waiting for you to realize that and go for it.

Step up to the plate and hit a home run for God, using the gift He has already given you!


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God bless….. and never ever give up!! Continue reading “I was Ready to Check out of This Hotel Called Earth”

Life is, at Best, Uncertain

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Lots of sun, and in the 70’s. Today is dark, and rainy. What can I say….it is Oregon. We have the saying here, “wait five minutes,” as far as what the weather may be from minute to minute.

That happens in our lives. We never know from one minute to the next what we may be facing. Life is at best uncertain.

How do we cope with days like this?

It is called prayer. We should start out each day sharing our needs, and be praising God for His love, before we enter the daily rat race. God is there to listen, and will be with us where ever we go.

With God on our side, who can be against us?


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Stay strong, and never ever give up!