God has Performed a Miracle

Free Books Given Away at Workshop

I wanted to update you on the progress of my book getting published. It looks like it may come out sooner than thought. I will try to give you a publishing date as soon as I know it.

I will be doing a workshop in Asheville, NC on April 21st. If you are going to the NEA-R Eastern Regional Teacher’s Conference there, I hope you will take the workshop. I have lots of goodies to give away.

I have to tell you that God worked all this trip out for me. I am just a local farm boy/retired teacher from Salem, Oregon who happens to have a book coming out on how to survive in the not so friendly world.

The title: “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World, is very timely. The word “hope” is a buzz word right now. People are seeking hope.

The fact that I was chosen from Oregon to do a workshop clear across the nation in North Carolina, is nothing short of a miracle.

NEA In Washington D.C. found out from my local Uniserv consultant, that I had written a book. That happened to be exactly what they were looking for.

They contacted me and invited me to do the workshop. They are paying the air, room, and food. (I could get used to this!)

My publisher is providing five books to give away during the workshop. There will even be a pre order form for the attendees to order the book before it even comes out. (YAHOO!)

The contact person told me that there was a limit of 50 people allowed to sign up for the workshop, and it is already full. They are allowing some standing room only people to come to the workshop.

So, this little ole retired teacher/author will have an open gate to plug my book and sell some books in an all expense paid trip to Asheville, NC. Can’t beat that.

The cover design is finished and I am very pleased. It has a picture of a man at the ocean holding out his hands to the skies and looking for hope.

The back cover is waiting for the publicity designer to OK. It is a very precise and explosive message to those who are hurting.

I will have business cards and post cards done before my trip to North Carolina, so I will have those to hand out as well.

My publisher will also provide handouts for the workshop to make it a very good experience for all of the attendees.

Keep checking here for more updates. It will a fun ride from now on. Things are rolling very fast!!


Discussions of Drugs, Alcohol, and Alzheimer’s

                             How to Face the Demons that Chase us

I am happy to announce that my blog, www.dailysignsofhope.com has a new partner. Michael Clark has joined me to share his battle with drugs and how he turned to God to help him conquer it.

I met Michael through Facebook. We built an instant friendship through sharing our hurts, defeats, and how we over came them. We are very similar, even though we went through a different channel. We both fought, anxiety, self doubt, low self esteem, depression, and even hopelessness.

I invite  you to mark www.dailysignsofhope.com as a favorite and check back often. Michael and I will be taking turns posting. Our different writing styles will reach out to different people, and hopefully help others to find help.


I have good/? news. I put the question mark there because it could be bad news, but not yet. I have been lucky enough to have an agent, and a publisher be interested enough in my work to have me send a proposal to them.

That was six weeks ago. I was told it takes up to three months before they answer back. Patience is not my best virtue, and this waiting game is hard.

You will be the first to know when I find out the results.


Today I am launching another free book give away. The new book to be given away is called, Moments This Good: The Softer Side of Alzheimer’s, by Bonnie Nester. I have read the book, and it tears at your heat and makes you laugh at the same time.  Moments This Good: The Softer Side of Alzheimer’s, is somewhat like a diary of special moments in the lives of  Bonnie and her mother Ruth. It will help the many people of today who have aging parents who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. I know because I have a 92 year old mother who is still with me that battles dementia, but she is still my loving mother.

Moments This Good: The Softer Side of Alzheimer’s is autographed by Bonnie. I met Bonnie at a Northwest writer’s conference. I have enjoyed her friendship a great deal.

To have a chance to win this wonderful book, you just go to the sidebar, and look for the icon that talks about subscribing to my newsletter.

When you get there, notice that you will also be able to download my free eBook called, The Top 25 Ways to Survive in a Troubled World. It is a very timely book that shows ways to cope in this not so friendly world.

So….. You get a free newsletter-free eBook- and a chance to win a free autographed book,  just for signing up for the newsletter. It won’t give you hives, and you gain a lot.

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Have a blessed day!!