Arson, Death, Romance, and a Surprise Ending

Shawn Grady’s book, Through the Fire, is a hot book. Not because it is about firefighting, but because it has all the ingredients of a suspenseful, thrilling, who done it format.

There is an arson in Reno who is setting fires every where. One of them kills the hero’s father. There is a chase going on to stop this ruthless killer.

Through the Fire, is the first book for Grady, but according to the endorsement from James Scott Bell, the bestselling author of Deceived, “A sizzling debut novel from a writer who really has the goods.” Shawn is a very polished and capable writer.

I have to agree as I have also read the book. Lots of great side stories,; very clear descriptions of how the flames work in a fire, and true emotions that must happen when a firefighter in in harms way.

I know, you want  me to tell you why I am rambling on about this book. It is because it can be yours. There will be a drawing for this book on October 5th. The way you can get into this drawing is to go to the right side bar, and sign-up for a free newsletter that has lots of fun things in it.

The book is personally autographed, and has a personal note from Shawn.

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Last days of The Missionary, Promotion

The drawing for the book, The Missionary, will be held on September 14th, at 6:00pm Pacific time.

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Love, and Perserverence Win Over Evil

The Missionary, an outstanding Christian Fiction book that has all the ingredients for a good read, is still available for you to win.

It has tragedy, fear, espionage, action, defeats, victories, and good outcomes.

You don’t know who the bad guys are, and you don’t know if the hero is making the right decisions, and in many cases he isn’t.

Bill Carmichael, and David Lambert hit a home run with their effort to entertain the reader, and make a book you can’t out down.

I am giving away a copy of, The Missionary, with Bill Carmichael’s autograph and personal note, in a drawing that will happen on the night of September 7th.

Yes, that is the night that all of you have gotten back from your vacations and are looking for a good book to read. Look no farther.

The book has great endorsements from the likes of Jerry B. Jenkins, Left Behind  Series; Karen Kingsbury, Above the Line Series; and Terri Blackstock, author of Double Minds, and Last Night.

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