The Royal Wedding Opened my Eyes

I watched the Royal Wedding today, and I was amazed at the structure, and the ritual of the whole event.

Everything has it place and time. Even the Queen of England had her time she was to ride in her car to the wedding.

The clothes were for… well…. Kings and Queens. All the prominent women wore beautiful hats of all sizes. Some seemed to strain to see anything from under them.

As the guests started coming in you could see the King of Norway; the King of Tonga; the Queen of The Netherlands, and of course the Queen of England. All in their full royal gear, and walking down the aisle with many people bowing their heads as they walked by.

Much of the ceremony was very straight, and right out of the Bible.

One of the opening songs was, ” Oh Guide me thy Great Redeemer.”

A quote from one of the Priests: ” This marriage is ordained according to the will of God.”

Another Priest said, ” I declare to you before the terrible day of judgement to repeat after me, William will you take this….”

It was finalized with ” According to God’s law and in the name of the Ftaher, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,, I pronounce you man and wife.”

Then the brother of the bride read scripture for Roman 12:1-21. It talks about not conforming to this world. Love one another, etc.

Do you see the theme of all of this? The whole wedding was based from the Bible, even the songs, and the vows.

This reminds me of when the LORD comes again. Kings will bow down before Him and praise Him. They will honor Him, and call Him LORD.

Think on this:

  • We are not to conform to this world. This world seeks self- gratification, and power.
  • All will some day bow down before the LORD no matter what their rank or power may be.
  • We need to daily thank the LORD for His grace and love for us even though we may not deserve it.
  • The LORD gives us hope through His promises that He will return and bring us home. 


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What is Hope? Why do so many people seek to fine it?

Webster’s Dictionary describes hope like this:

  1. The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out well.
  2. To believe or trust.

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