How Do We Show Love That Lets Others Know We Are Christians

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How do we show love to others that lets them know we are Christians.

This has been a question that many have asked others.

Let me share the story of Paul. He hated Christians/Jews. He persecuted the Jews, and put some to death. He even held the coats of the men who stoned Stephen to death.

He was walking to Damascus, which is still part of Syria today, and met Jesus. Jesus said, “Saul, Saul, Why do your persecute me?” Saul was then named Paul, before the LORD changed it.

Paul was awe stuck, and fell to the ground. He turned his life over to the LORD right on the spot, and he then went all around the country telling others about Jesus . He shared the need to spread love to everyone.

Why this long story? You and I don’t need to walk on the road to Damascus to know that we can share love with others by sharing our faith like Paul did. We can talk about how The Lord open our hearts and minds to Him, and how that changed our lives.

It doesn’t take a person who is highly educated to share the gospel, or tell stories about their own lives. It just take a person who loves others enough to be concerned for their souls.


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken,

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

Rapists Steal the Lives of Those we Love.

Do we have the Right to Judge Criminals?

I was looking at this evening and I saw an article about a serial rapist that not only raped many women, but killed most of them.

The is  horrible  and very sad story. This man not only ruined some women’s lives; he took the lives away from some of them.

What should we do about it? In the old days the vigilantes took care of it. They went to the criminals house and hung him from the nearest tree.

Would that make us feel better? Should we go back to being the judge and jury?

The answer is that there is only one supreme court judge, and that is God. We can convict people under our current law system, and that is far as we can go. We can’t even judge them in our minds according to the Bible.  

Roman 2:1 Says, “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else,  for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning your self, because you who pass judgment do the same things.”

Wow! That is pretty heavy words from Paul, a man who was persecuting Christians himself at one time.

If you remember Paul had a rather rude awakening on the road to Damascus on day. He heard Jesus say, “Why are you persecuting my people?” Paul fell flat on his face, and his life changed right there on the  spot.

We have been there haven’t we? We have sinned and we felt to conviction of the Lord in our heart, and we fell on our faces too.

I suggest to you that we as born sinners leave the judgments up to God, and try to0 bring peace in our own hearts.


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