You Never Know When you Make an Impact on Someone

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                                               You Were My Church

The young man seemed to be a loner. He didn’t make many friends. He was one of those guys who had spiked hair, black fingernails, and a chain hanging out of his pocket.  

A local church started a new program where senior citizens were placed with teens to become their prayer partners at school.

One elderly couple decided that they wanted to take part in this mission. They came to the director and asked to be assigned a child. The director look at his list, frowned, and said, “We don’t have anymore kids to assign.

The couple was insistent, and finally the director said. ” I have one boy that no one seems to want. He is a loner at the school.

The elderly couple said they would take the young man.

The young man didn’t really want to be assigned, but the school liked the program, and insisted.

Things didn’t seem to be going well. The elderly gentleman tried everything he could to communicate with the boy. The boy didn’t even use complete sentences to reply. Here is one conversation.

Elderly man: Do you like school?

Young man: Yeah.

Elderly man: “Have you had any problems we could pray for?”

Young man: “Nope.”

Elderly man: “Do you need any support for anything?” 

Young Man: “Nope!”

You can imagine how it felt having every conversation one sided.

Th e couple stayed with the boy all the way through high school. The boy never really opened up much to them.

Then the husband died. There was a funeral, and the elderly lady was there greeting people.

One young man with slicked down hair and nice clothes came up and gave the woman a hug. She didn’t think much of it because she didn’t recognize him.

The boy said, “Don’t you know me? I was the guy you helped through high school.”

The elder lady looked astounded and said, We lost track of you, and you never came to church the whole time we were praying and talking to you.”

The boy only made one other statement and then he moved on. He said, “You were my church.”

You never know when you have made an impact on someone. Just being a good example and supporting someone who needs it can change lives.

(This was a true story!)

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes. He created you for a Purpose

I see it has been a month today since I last posted on this site. I have been spending most of my time posting at: That is my blog. The response there has been tremendous. In just a little over one year the followers have grown to over 1380. Hope you check that out.

I hope you will start joining me here as well,  because I am back here spending much more time.

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Let me tell you a little bit about the new book. It is still floating in my head. (It is giving me a headache!)

I have grown weary of all the negative press that sports has been getting. Just this last week there was a national  news items about a Washington Red Skins lineman who was arrested for assault. Now I certainly don’t condon what he did, but I have heard about many more assault in my own home town and they don’t even make the local newspaper.

I prayed about this, and God seems to be leading me towards putting together a book that speaks to the positive side of sports. I want to talk to some Christian athletes in pro sports. I want to interview them, and let them tell their side of what it is like to be  a Christian in a not so friendly world of sports. There will be a chapter for each person written about.

God is opening some doors that I can’t mention yet, but for a teaser, there is a NBA retired player who has two championship rings that is interested in working with me on this, and I have a connection with a chaplain for a pro baseball team.

There are several other possiblities, that just happen to become known to me in just the last few days. I think that is God at work, and I look forward to working on this, all for His glory.

If you know of any pro athletes who are Chrisiatns and may be willing to share their story to help others who may be struggling in the sports world, please let me know, by commenting to this post.

Think on this:

  • God doesn’t make any mistakes. He created you for a purpose.
  • He made you in His own image. You are His son/daughter.
  • Never let Satan plant negative thoughts into your head. It’s time for selective hearing.

New Ideas on Marketing for Authors

It has been a while since I last posted. I have been busier than that famous cat on a hot tin roof. I had 6 signings; placed books in over twenty outlets, and sold about 200 books, in the first two months.

Can’t complain about that since a report says that a first time author is very lucky if he sells 100 books in his first published effort.

My marketing plan is going right on schedule. After things settle down I will be sharing why I did so well out of the gate.

I will be sharing excerpts from my new book, “Becoming Famous Before you are Famous.”  

It is about the things an author needs to do before they even approach a publisher, to get their name out there.

Check back often to see many ideas on how to market your book.

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