Stop the World and Let me Off. I’m Tired of Going ‘Round and ‘Round

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I will be starting  a new feature with today’s post.  I will be sharing actual excerpts from my book, Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.

This will give you a feel of the book that is selling quite well. It has sold over 300 books in less than a year. That is very good according to the publishing  industry statistics. A first time author, should feel fortunate to sell 100 books for the whole life of their book according to the reoprt.

I have just begun to really promote the book, and I am hoping you will want to take a look at it through these excerpts.

The first excerpt will be the first chapter. It has been highly supported by pubishers as a great hook. Let’s see if it hooks you too.



Chapter 1


Stop the World and Let Me Off. I’m Tired of Going ’Round and ’Round



The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.


Psalm 34:18


I was out of control. The sobbing filled my eyes with tears. I couldn’t see the road ahead of me as I drove my Explorer.

Everything seemed to be going wrong in my life. I had quit two jobs because of guilt. I even failed at running my own business. I quit the two jobs because I had to sell something to customers and I had a hard time trying to force people to buy something they may not really need.

The business that failed was a cash flow venture that helped businesses have a better flow of money while they waited for their accounts receivables to come in. I left that venture because I again had to convince people to take part in something they may not have needed.

Depression, self doubt, fear, anxiety, and even hopelessness, overcame me until I was in the pit of despair. I was a happily married man with three children and several grandchildren. I had a wonderful 25-year teaching career. Why was I feeling so low? Why did I feel so unloved?

All I wanted to do was to stop the madness and check out of this wretched hotel called Earth! I pulled my SUV into a high school parking lot in a secluded area. I was ready to commit suicide. The date wasMarch 31, 2001. The next day was April Fools Day. A very fitting time to have your life end, don’t you think?

I did have the common sense to call my wife Charlotte. She came quickly to where I was. She calmed me down enough to where I thought I could drive myself home. After she left, I sat there behind the steering wheel still crying, and then I yelled, “God, I can’t take this anymore!”

In a flash, there was calmness in me. It even felt different in the vehicle. The air was fresher and cooler. It was as if God were saying, “It’s about time you came back to Me. I have been waiting for you. Let Me carry you the rest of the way.”

My life changed that day. I gave my life back to God.

I had been a Christian since I was about 16. But I was the poster child for a lukewarm Christian.

Yes, I went to church and made sure my children went also, but I wouldn’t say I was a perfect example for them. I rose up in my church to where I was the Sunday school superintendent and on the important Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, but in my heart I didn’t put God first.

On Sundays, I stayed home if there was a good football game on. You didn’t have to go to church every Sunday, did you? God let me know I did. He also let me know of a new direction for me to go.

Why had I allowed myself to fall to such a low spot? Why had I drifted so far away from God?

The answer my friend is I was in a battle with many afflictions like self-doubt, anxiety, etc. Those aren’t fancy medical terms like cardiovascular disease or leukemia, but they are just as deadly. These demons of the mind can control your life to the point where you are not functional. It can cause you to hide from the world and let your life go on unnoticed until you die. It can push you to ending your own life.

This book is for those who want to discuss all the enemies of man like self-doubt, fear of failure, divorce, death in the family, and many others. I want to share with you how God used me to write this book, and how He pulled me out of the muck and mire.

The walls we put up in life can be caused by a loss of a loved one or extreme trauma. We can put them up because of sexual abuse, inappropriate or unclear expectations, divorce, poverty, violence in the family, family addiction or environment.

Do you often feel like you don’t want to go to work? Are there times when you feel like you would rather stay in bed and not face the world? Have you fallen into the pit of despair without even knowing why you did? Have you ever felt lost—and alone?

You are not alone! Close to 19 million American adults, or about 9.5% of the U.S.population age 18 and older, suffer from some kind of handicapping mental disorder in a given year.1

Now that I have totally broken you down—there is hope! There are treatments that can help you. See your doctor to find what treatment is best for you. Then go to where there is eternal treatment, and that is through your loving heavenly Father.

The first part of this book talks about putting on God’s armor and fighting against the many mental afflictions. This information is from the horse’s mouth. That would be me. I have gone through many battles of my own. I have felt lost, and I thought that there was nowhere to go. I lived that way for many years. I existed from day to day, struggling with my emotions. I found out that I didn’t need to go through the torture. I had places I could go for help. I found out what they were, and I invite you to find out too.

            Bear with me! There is a happy ending.


“I have seen his ways, but I will heal him; I will guide him and restore comfort to him, creating praise on the lips of the mourners in Israel. Peace, peace, to those far and near,” says the Lord. “And I will heal them.”

Isaiah 57:18–19


Further Adventures

You know how easy it is to let your emotions take over in your life. You’ve been there. It is too easy to let the little things grow from molehills to mountains. When each trial comes up, try to put it into perspective. Is it something that is going to be life-changing? Is it something you can’t handle yourself?

You could tell in this chapter that I couldn’t handle what was happening to me, and what happened next? I felt God was changing me.

Stop in the middle of your grief and say, “Why am I so out of control? What can I do to stop this madness?” The answer was easy for me. I ran to God like a long lost prodigal son, and He opened His arms and took me back in like any father would do with his own son. You should do the same: Run to God and let Him carry you the rest of the way through your life like He is doing for me.


Something to Ponder

Isn’t it funny how we let the smallest winds grow into a full-blown storm?


There is many more similar chapters in the book. Take a look at the description of the book, by clicking on the  “Bookstore,”  tab above. You will also see a copy of the cover there.

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Never, ever, give up!



I was Ready to Check out of This Hotel Called Earth

I want to thank a reader from Wisconsin for ordering one copy of my new book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” Let me know what you think of it by sending me a comment, or emailing me at


I just lost a very close friend this last week to a sudden death. He was only 59 years old. He had no signs of illness. He just sat down in his recliner to take a nap, and never woke up. 

We never know when God will call us home. It doesn’t matter what your age is, there is never an assurance of tomorrow on our time line of life.  

What have you been putting off that is your dream? Do you think you have something that will benefit many people, but have put it on the back burner? Do you feel you aren’t capable of making your dream happen?

Many of us have been where you are. I had a dream over ten years ago of writing a salesman’s book on how to win more clients, and make a lot of money. I had a rough draft in my drawer, and had forgotten about it.

On March 31st, of 2001, I felt lost, full of self-doubt, and battling severe depression. I was even sitting in my rig in a high school parking lot considering if I wanted to check out of this hotel called earth. God had other plans for me and stopped me while I sat in my Ford Explorer crying my eyes out. He came into the rig and calmed the storm. It was like He was saying, ” It is about time you let me carry you the rest of the way.”

I went home and prayed, seeking why God saved my life. I instantly thought of that rough draft in my desk drawer. I pulled it out and thought, “This isn’t what I want to write about. I don’t want to try to convince anyone to be a better salesman. What good is this manuscript to me?”

Then God opened my eyes. I looked at the chapter titles and they fit perfectly into a Self Help Christian book. Each chapter said something that would cause the reader to think about what their life should be like.

One example was, ” Need Directions?” That title was asking potential salespeople if they knew what they were doing to win a client. The new thought was that people need to read the Bible to find out what they needed to do to have eternal life. Every chapter of that book was converted into the book I mentioned in the entry to this post.

I got the needed directions from God and I am here today being able to type this, because God gave me a new gift of life, and I followed His calling.

Don’t let a call from God pass you up. That dream you have is probably from God, and He is waiting for you to realize that and go for it.

Step up to the plate and hit a home run for God, using the gift He has already given you!


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I hope you will at least check out the book and read the description. I think you will see that the book helps those who suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, self-doubt, hopelessness, and the many other usual suspects.

God bless….. and never ever give up!! Continue reading “I was Ready to Check out of This Hotel Called Earth”

The Younger Generation is Drifting into the Twilight Zone

*It has been a few days since I last posted. It has been busy, and also I had some doctor issues. I hope to post much more often in the future.


I went and watched a “punk Rock,” band last night. It was my very first time I watched this kind of music. (Probably will be my last too.) The reason I went to watch is that my nephew was the drummer in the band. I was amazed at his energy through the whole,”gig.” He never let up and was in full movement the whole hour and a half they played. He was very good, and I actually enjoyed a couple songs. I started to get up to jump up and down like the groupies were doing, but my back said “No way!” I sat back down, and just tapped the table with my fingers.

The younger generation has slowly drifted into the twilight zone with music. I listened very carefully and tried to understand their strange movements, and gestures as they sang, but I am a dinosaur in Jurassic Park, trying to fit into the modern world when it comes to the new kind of music we hear today.

Do you feel the same way about fitting into the new wave, or the “new religions?” Are there some movements you see rising up that scare you, and make you wonder what this world is coming to? You certainly aren’t alone.  

There are many new sects, and religions that are popping up because there are many people interpreting the Bible to their own liking. They pick out a few versus, and base their new religion on them out of context.

The bottom line is that the Bible cannot be torn apart and made into to what ever we want it to be. God wrote the Bible, and the words will not change. The meaning seems to change with the people translating it into a version to helps them with their own philosophy.

Does all of this cause you frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, etc? I can really relate to that. I have been there. I had my doubts in the past.

Remember, the Word of God never changes. People change. All we have to do is believe, and let the rest of the people argue over what the right outcome will be. (I know the outcome. I’ve read the end of the book!)


Speaking of books, I still have a sale going on for my new book called, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” It is listed  in the retail stores, at $19.99, but if you go to my “bookstore,” tab at the top of this page and click on it, you will be able to buy the same book for $15.99. The shipping is also cut in half. A total savings of over $6.00.

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I hope you will take a couple of minutes and check out this book. It helps those who are suffering from anxiety, fear, depression, self-doubt, addictions, hopelessness, etc. If you feel like you don’t fit into any of those descriptions, then you must know someone who needs help in some of these afflictions.

God bless…