There Were Some Stressful Times During Basic Training in the Military

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Military news…

Troops knew ‘an attack was coming’ at Kabul airport but their hands were tied, investigation reveals

‘”If you had been there, you would have seen that an attack was coming.


Finding My Calling While Treating a Casualty Inside Friendly Lines

He saw gore and death, but he also saved lives. There are certain things a former Corpsman will never forget or take for granted.


A Man of Destiny, Molded by Fate: Lloyd Austin Leads in Time of Tremendous Potential

His actions seem to say he has the morale of the troops as his primary consideration. Far too many in those positions haven’t.

Remembering the Service and Sacrifice of Muslim Veterans Among the Crescents and Stars of Arlington National Cemetery

During a trip to Arlington to honor Muslim veterans, an Air Force officer reflects on how her career of military service began as a Pakistani immigrant.


At Least 1 Million Vets Could Get VA Health Care Under Scaled-Back Exposures Bill

As Congress hand-wrings over the $282 billion price tag of a bill to help veterans exposed to burn pits, two senators are proposing a compromise that would still get VA care to more than 1 million veterans.


IS Leader Blows Up Self, Family as U.S. Attacks Syria Hideout

The Islamic State’s leader was killed during an overnight raid carried out by U.S. special forces in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province, President Joe Biden said Thursday.


Seaman Dies After ‘Hell Week’ of SEAL Training, Navy Says

A 24-year-old Navy SEAL candidate died and another was hospitalized after several days of intense training known as “Hell Week” in Coronado, Calif.


Here is another excerpt from my upcoming book, Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life. Hope you enjoy it.


Sometimes the Answers Are Right Under Your Nose

There was one aspect of basic training that made the times hard for a soldier. That was when it came to making your bed for inspection.

We had regular inspections by our drill sergeant. When he came through the barracks, he carried a quarter in his hand. When he passed your bunk he would drop the quarter on the bed. If the quarter didn’t bounce, he tore the bed up and told you to try again. 

I had some real stressful times of making beds at first. I usually failed. But then I learned some tricks about tucking in the sheets, and even the blanket. There was a double tuck you could do that made the bed tight and quarters bounced on it easily.

There were some guys who never caught on to the tricks that were right in front of them. They were too proud to ask others for help.

I have seen that in life after the military. People struggling to keep up with the world, because they are too proud to seek help.

Are you one of those who could benefit from outside help, but have never taken advantage of it?

I have compiled a very extensive military appendix for your use. It is in the back of this book. Feel free to search through it for help in almost every possible way a veteran or current soldier may need.

It is not “giving in,” to seek help. It is finally agreeing that what you are doing may not be working for you, and you want to find other ways to cope in this unfriendly world.

Many of the sources have proven to reach out to those who suffer with anxiety, fear, depression, and hopelessness.

Don’t hide in your own self-pity. Take that first most important step and seek help today. Go to the back of this book and find the right sources for your needs.


The lists in the back can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of sources there. Think about your own special needs and concentrate on that section only. Then narrow down your choices while checking out each resource. Most of the sources are websites.  If you don’t have access to the net, go to your local library, or visit a friend who has access.

Think about this

Isn’t it sad how we know we need help, but hide our feelings?


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Checking in on you…How are you doing? Are you struggling with memories?


There are over 13,825 fellow veterans here who have your back.

If you are battling mentally, because of your love for others, but it isn’t working, GET HELP!!

Here is a toll free number that you can call 24/7. There are highly qualified counselors there to help you, and they will no hang up until they know you are OK.

1-800-273-8255…texting 838255.


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What Will it be Like When the Rapture Comes?

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We have been sharing excerpts for the book “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” This book is on sale right on this site for a special price. Think Easter, which is only a couple of weeks away.  This book is perfect as a gift at this time.

The book reaches out to those who may suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, self-doubt, hopelessness, and the many other usual suspects.  Just click on the “Bookstore,” tab at the top of this page to check it out.


The excerpt today lets you wonder what it will be like when the rapture comes.



Chapter 51


Beware—Driver Disappears after the Rapture


We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God

will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep [died] in him.

1 Thessalonians 4:14


The bus full of people goes off the road. There isn’t a driver! The car ahead of you crashes into a tree. The driver is gone. The person who was skiing ahead of you on the slopes suddenly disappears. The high school swim team is leading in the big district meet, but all of the relay team disappears right in the middle of the winning race. You are having a nice dinner in a crowded restaurant, and it is suddenly nearly empty. What if you are in an airplane and the pilot disappears? Talk about shock and awe! What a close encounter with God this will be!

Can you imagine all the different things that will happen when the Rapture takes place? It will be chaos! People will be panicking, and fear will overcome them.

The wonderful thing about this is that you will be the one that disappears—if you believe in the Lord and accept His offer of salvation! This makes it very clear for you. Believe in the Lord with all your heart and you face life for eternity in the presence of Jesus.

Theologians have also pondered a very interesting situation that may prove true. Because there are so many Christians in theUnited States, when the Rapture occurs, it is possible that so many leaders of business and government will “disappear” that our country will no longer be a world power. This may put theUnited Statesin peril and those left behind in great danger. I believe this is very possible.

None of us wants those we love to miss out on eternity with Christ. We need to be talking to them about God’s gift of salvation. We don’t know when the Rapture will occur. It could happen while you are reading this.

I am not trying to scare you with these thoughts. I want you to find comfort in them. It’s that simple. Those of us who have turned our lives over to the Lord are in for a free ride when the Rapture happens. And we need to share that truth with those we love.

If you aren’t certain about where you are in your belief, stop right now and ask the Lord to come into your heart. Tell Him you have sinned, and seek forgiveness. It is an easy thing to do.

Act now. It’s time to ask God to forgive you of your sins and accept His gift of salvation. Then the Rapture is something to look forward to.

Here is a simple prayer to open your heart to God: Dear Lord, I know that I have sinned against You. I am not worthy of Your loving grace. I need Your forgiveness to free me of these chains that Satan has wrapped around me. I give You my life. I give You my sins, and I want to serve You from now on. Thank You, heavenly Father, for Your grace. Amen.”


We who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in

the clouds

to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.

1 Thessalonians 4:17



Further Adventures

When will the Rapture occur? Can I wait until later to worry about it? I will give my life to God tomorrow. I am having too much fun right now.

You’d be surprised how many people on this earth live with that mentality. One survey shows that a high percentage of people believe there is a God, but a much smaller percentage of the world actually follows Him.

What’s wrong with this picture? Why are there people who believe but do not surrender? People are having too much fun. But the most important factor is that they don’t want to give up control of their lives to God. They do not want God to direct them. They may suddenly cry out to Him when they’re in trouble, but they’re not willing to totally commit to Him. How sad it will be when the Rapture comes and they start screaming, “But God—I was going to give my life to you! Can’t I still come with the others?” You already know the answer to that.


Something to Ponder

Isn’t it funny that those who love this world will lose it, and those who despise their life in this world will keep it for eternal life? Have a look at John 12:25.


Don’t go Through Life Without the Love of God in Your Life

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I have been featuring excerpts from the book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” This book is on sale right on this site. Easter is getting close and this book is perfect for those you know who may suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, self-doubt, Hopelessness, and the many other usual suspects. Click on the “Bookstore,” tab above to check it out.


Today’s excerpt is about what we must do to pass the tests that God may have for us some day.



Chapter 50


Time Will Pass; Will You?


Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal.”

Genesis 6:3


One day during my teacher years, I was sitting at my desk correcting papers when I looked up and saw one of my students staring at the clock. It was getting close to recess, and he was anxiously waiting to be able to go out and play. After recess, and near the end of the day, I decided to watch the students while I was at my computer. (I had the monitor positioned so I could see the reflection of what—or who—was behind me. Sneaky, huh?)

It was happening again. Several students were watching the clock, instead of doing their schoolwork.

Before the students came in the next morning, I had posted a sign below the clock that read, “Time will pass; will you?” I couldn’t wait until the kids came in. They had been there about five minutes when one of the students spotted the sign. She started laughing as she pointed to the clock. The others looked up, and everyone started laughing.

Then the laughing faded and looks of concern started showing up on their faces. They had that look that said, “That is a funny saying, but what does it mean?”

I went to the front of the classroom to explain what I had observed. They didn’t laugh this time, and from then on you could see students taking a darted look at the clock and then dive back into their studies. They didn’t want me to catch them looking at the clock.

I was able to take the sign down after a couple of weeks, and never had a problem after that. Its message had become embedded in their minds.

When I was a young father, I was very busy, trying to provide for my family. I was going to college and working full time at a grocery store. I didn’t have time for anything else.

This schedule led to a college degree for me and a career in teaching. But it cost me my marriage and created a separated home for my children. It was my own fault. My first wife worked very hard while I was in school and is a good mother.

I decided I wanted to find out what the world was like since I never had time to do it while going to school for ten years. I walked away from a good family situation in my divorce. I had my two sons with me, but my daughter stayed with her mother.

That is when I thought about time passing by me. I walked that wide path of sin, and really thought I was enjoying my newfound freedom. I left my sons at home, and went out “playing.” They had to learn to be independent.

I didn’t see much of my daughter either, and one day when I did, I was in shock. I thought, Is that my daughter? She sounds older. She looks older, even taller, and much prettier. I must have missed something. What had happened, of course, is that she had become a young lady. Overnight, it seemed that she had gone from my little princess to a young woman.

Just yesterday, I was changing her diapers, I thought, and now she is driving a car. She was going to college, and I didn’t even have time to watch her grow. I was running out of chances to show her my love. Time was passing by quickly, and I was failing.

That is what happens when you decide to wait on giving your life to God. Time passes very quickly, and before you know it, you have gone through life without the love of God in your life.

Your time to pass on will come soon enough. You will take the final test, but what test will you pass? The test of sin or the test of righteousness? The final grade will be handed out to you at the end of your term here on earth. It is a pass/fail test.

We are like my children when they were little. Some things are hard to comprehend. There is no way our minds can comprehend, the love of God. We may think ourselves unworthy of such an awesome God. Although we cannot understand His love, we cannot stop Him from loving us.

We just can’t grasp the thought that God would come down to earth through a womb, wrap Himself in human flesh, and be crucified just for us. Just for you.

Let me ask you something: Upon learning that God would rather die for you—and He did—than be without you, how do you respond? How can you justify His doing this for you?

You can’t come up with a good answer, can you? I can’t either. You can’t justify one person dying for another.

The only answer is that there is more love in God than we can ever imagine.

That brings us down to the fact that there is no one on earth who can love us more than God does. Our parents can’t. Our siblings can’t. Our best friends can’t. Our spouse can’t.

The bottom line is that God loves us more than anything else He has created. The Bible doesn’t say He might love us. It doesn’t say He is thinking about loving us. It doesn’t say He did love us, but that our sins have turned Him away from us.

God has an unconditional love that is forever.

Time is passing; will you pass on to heaven? That is the final test. You can pass this test easily. Just confess your sins and let Jesus into your heart. No true or false questions. Just yes or no. If you say yes, you have passed the test with a 100% score, and the gates are opened wide for you.

My daughter has grown up from that little princess I told you about. She graduated from college with a teaching degree, married, and has two lovely little girls. We spend time together as often as possible. I am in the autumn of my life, but I know that I am loved by her, and she knows how much I love her. I may have let time pass, but there is still time left.

There is still time left for you too. Don’t let any more time pass. Turn your life over to God. He will look at you, and say, “You have grown up, and I am proud of what you have become. You have become My child, and I will love you forever.”

Just like I will love my children forever.


Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:13–14


Further Adventures

Does it seem like you just graduated from college, but here you are just a few years from retirement? Did the little boy you were holding in your arms yesterday suddenly become a husband with three children—your grandchildren?

There are some things you might avoid, but there are some things you can’t. Time will keep ticking no matter how much you try to slow it down. I know this may sound rather overbearing, but treat each day as if it is your last. What would you do if you knew tomorrow was your last day? Sit down and write down all those things and make it your “bucket list”—things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” Start doing them and check them off your list as you do.


Something to Ponder

Isn’t it funny how quickly the days go by as you get older?