Serving in Tennis with Only One Arm Can be Difficult

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Yesterday was a special day for me. I went to watch my granddaughter play tennis for her high school. It was very cold, and we were told that my granddaughter and her partner would be the last ones to play. I waited in the cold, and I wondered if I should be there freezing.

I was also told that non one wanted to play with her doubles partner. My granddaughter was chosen to do it. At first I was feeling like my granddaughter may not like it, but I was very wrong!

The match was an 8 game set, with the winner need to win 8 games and lead by two.

The match went back and forth. It was 3-2; them 4-4, and then it was 6-6. My granddaughter’s team broke the other team’s serve and it was now 7-6. To make the story more dramatic, my granddaughter was the one serving to win the match.  She won her game without out any problems.

Katie’s partner wasn’t able to win any of her serves. As a matter of fact she only got a couple of her serves in the right court.

Katie’s partner fought hard, and helped when she wasn’t serving.

This girl was getting applause every time she returned a ball to the other court. How could that be, when no one wanted to play with her? This girl only had one arm. Her right arm was gone from just below the elbow.

When the final point was made, the fans around the court all stood up and started applauding. Even the players from the other team applauded. My granddaughter and her partner did the impossible. They beat their opponent even though one of the members wasn’t able to win any of her serves.

As I watched Katie’s partner toss the ball high into the air, switch her racquet from under her right short arm to her left, and still get even a piece of the ball, I was amazed.

You see, this young lady didn’t see the handicap she had. She was participating in a sport where two hands were needed. She won the respect of not only the rest of her team, but all who was there.

My granddaughter was also my hero, because she agreed to play with this girl, and not only did they did well, they won!

You too can overcome obstacles if you really have the desire, and perseverance.

Don’ let any handicap slow you down. Use it to battle adversity, and conquer the walls you face.



You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

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