Rules for posting



                   Rules for Posting


I am a newbie at getting comments from my “fans,” but I do have some rules that seem rather obvious, and I need to have you read them:


1.     The first time you post a comment, WordPress will hold it until I have approved it. It may mark it as spam, but I will be checking it the day it comes in, and I will decide if you are a good guy, or bad guy depending on what I have read.

2.     If your post is accepted by me once, WordPress will show your comments immediately. If you use a lot of “bad,” words I have listed to catch, it will probably be listed as spam. I love spam, I was raised on it, but computer spam gives me indigestion.

3.     If you are just making a comment to promote your site, and you have a link, it is automatically held for moderation, even if you have done a post before. If it is not an ad then I will be OK with it. If it is adios!

4.     A personal attack on any of my blog readers will get extremely fast action from me. I will either erase all the bad words, or send it packing. If I get many posts from the same person that attacks, you also will be sent packing. You have the capability of speaking nicely and still get your point across.                                                                 

5.     You can attack me all you want within the guidelines of using proper words. That is what I can expect by being a public figure. You do not need to get rude or nasty. You can tell me to take a hike, but not to put it where the sun doesn’t shine. (I think you get the picture). Be aware that some of my regular blog readers may beg to differ with you and that is the price YOU pay.

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  1. Hello! Wow this is so cool! I have a special surprise for maybe this Christmas or maybe next and it’s really special! Woo-hoo I’m excited!
    See ya Pappy! 🙂

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