Even Rats Rest

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Another shocking announcement! ( That got your attention!) “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World, ” is now out in eBook form. I You can acquire it at all the eBook outlets. It is only $4.99 compared to $19.99 in the bookstores. Help it climb the www.amazon.com best selling list. You can even order it right from this site by clicking on the Amazon icon on the right.


I have a podcast here that I did with John Kremer, the marketing guru. He invited me to share unusual places to sell books. Take a listen and hit those streets running: goo.gl/WGTF7


I have a book signing coming up on August 24th that runs for 11 straight days to September 3rd. It is at the Oregon State Fair, in Salem, Oregon. There is an author’s table in the AmeriCraft building, which was once called the Jackman-Long building. I will be there from 10:00am-9:00pm everyday. Come out and say hello if you live close.

Many of you have come by to say hello. Thank you for that. You also picked up some business cards. If you decide you would still like to buy a book, you can by just putting in the underlined or marked site I put on the card, and you will come to this site, or my blog at www.dailysignsofhope.com. Then just click on the Amazon.com icon on the right, and you can order the book, or order the eBook there.

If you order the hard copy book from either site, you will get an autographed copy.


Thoughts just for you…

I have certainly enjoyed my time meeting so many new people at the fair. It has also been a very grueling task, of eleven hours days. That can take a toll on a person. I have a feeling that I will need a couple of days of doing noth9ng when my time at the fair is over.

Are you tired and weary of the rat race you have to face every day? Are there times you wish you could stay home and not face the storms of life that are waiting for you?

The rat race is over bearing at times, but realize that even rats rest. They take time out from their causing a mess to sleep and get ready for the next day of causing trouble.

You need to need to rest as well. Be like the mighty ocean tides. They come rushing in and out everyday. But, at a certain point in the tide, there is no movement at all. It is called “high tide.” It is when the water isn’t going in any direction. It lasts for only a few minutes, but the tides rests just the same.

You don’t need to get caught up in the rat race. You can still achieve many things by doing a normal daily routine. You don’t have to climb up that business ladder to be successful. Beside it can be slippery and you could quickly slide right back down to the bottom.

Enjoy life, and rest in the peace of God. He will even give you rest during the worst of times you have in the muck and mire.


You are not alone.

You are not forsaken.

You are not unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

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