What in the World has Come Over You?

I have spent many years trying to figure out why I do things that I do. I use to let the wind take me where ever it wanted to. Often it was not in the right direction. I have learned from all those side streets that I have traveled. I am giving you a synopsis of some of the chapters from the book to let you know some of the things I felt were important to talk about:

  1. Have you been there? Do you sit back and let the world go round and round, not ever caring what happens next? I think that we ALL need to stop running in the rat race, because even rats rest once and a while. I have a chapter in the book on this subject. It talks about what really should be important in our lives. It suggests ways to get out of the fast lane and enjoy the view.
  2. Have you ever been to a funeral? Isn’t it a depressing place? Why they have the word “fun,” in funeral, I will never know. Read about how we can make it a better experience for those that are mouning at a funeral. I know because I was the mouner at one of them.
  3. Have there been times when you had no one to turn to? Did you find yourself facing a crises, and felt alone? Did you wish someone would have come to your rescue? There is always someone to turn to. You are never alone.
  4. Have you stumbled in your life, and felt like you have failed? I tell a story about a little girl that I met who “stumbled” in front of 100 onlookers, and came out a winner in the end.
  5. Is family important to you? Do you have a close relationship with all of your relatives, even down through the cousins? If not, I share where you can see just how important they really are to you.
  6. I know you have wondered why God allows so many horrible things happen in the world from people like: Hitler, Saddam Huissan, Ben Laden, and many others. I discuss this with examples in the Bible on why God allows things to happen.
  7. Do you see people wearing the cross around their neck? Even athletes kiss it as they get up to bat. My question is, do they really know the meaning of the cross they are wearing? I write a stirring, vivid, discription of what I think the cross really means.
  8. Does prayer really work? Has it ever really helped anyone? One chapter is full of stories of how prayer has worked in people’s lives, and even saved many of them.
  9. Do you share your joy of being a Christian. If you were put on trial for bring a Christian, would you get convicted? There is a list of questions for you to answer to see if you are guilty.
  10. Do you know the top twenty reasons why you should be free of depression? There is a “Tonight Show,” countdown of the top twenty reasons we should be thankful for the life God has given us.

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My New Book Is Ready to go to the Publisher!

Excitement is getting high around here! The book Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind: Life Beyond Bumper Stickers, (Title may change a little) is ready to go!! It has been professionally edited by Sue Miholer of Picky, Picky, Ink. The book proposal has been evaluated by another professional editor/evaluator, Sally Stuart. Now it is in my pea picken hands wanting to be presented to publishers!!

It has been a long eight years to get this book where it is today.

I have stopped working on it several times because of doubt. I have thought I wasn’t good enough to write it. I got tired of the hours it took each day. The people that did some proof reading for me weren’t too excited about my first attempts.

BUT! I never gave up!! I kept at it a little at a time. I went to writing conferences. Joined a writing group. Started submitting articles to magazines, etc.

It is fitting that I will hopefully have the book in a publishers hands by the end of March. That just happens to be the month I was at the lowest time in my life back in 2001. It now can be the highest point in my life. (To this point.)

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