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Before I share the next post, I want to remind you that I have 10 copies of The Shack, written by William Paul Young.  He autographed all of them, and even added a personal note. The book has been # 1 on the New York Times top ten books list for over 40 weeks.


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Now for my thoughts of the day…..

The times we live in are hard at best:

  1. There are adult married couples moving back in with their parents.
  2. People with a PH-D’s work in a place that you wear name tags for the customers to see.
  3. Many small businesses are going under.
  4. Our economy is on the edge of a depression.
  5. People are losing their homes.

I could go on, but I think that is enough negative thoughts for now. What can we do to make it through the muck and mire?

We can put everything into perspective. Yes, we are in hard times, but there are nations where the people do not even know where their next meal will come from. There are people in other countries that make our homeless numbers look like a drop in the famous bucket. There are people in other countries, that do not any freedoms at all. They can’t even own a Bible let alone read it.

I know….so what!!! I have to agree with you 100%. SO WHAT???

Because we need to put everything into perspective. My favorite word starting with “p” is not peanuts. ( I love peanut butter!!)  It is persevere.  Webster’s Dictionary says persevere means: “To persist in pursuing something in spite of obstacles or opposition.” Pretty strong word right?

We persevered through the “Great Depression,” and prospered again. We later persevered, through a recession, and prospered again.

This may not be a good time to be optimistic, but….. Webster’s dictionary says optimism means: “A tendacy to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions.” We have events and conditions that are tough right now, but we need to face the storm, and keep walking forward. We are a strong nation, and we can weather any storm that comes our way. It seems like times like this always brings out the best in  each of us.

Let it start with you!

* Again, I want to thank Randy Ingermanson for his support, and advice. Much of the looks and ideas of this site are through his suggestions. I highly recommend you go to his site and see some of his “gorilla marketing” ideas if you have a website. He has to be the marketing guru of this planet. Just go to: http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/blog and you will see not only ideas for marketing, but formulas for writing very good fiction. He will also knock you over with some very funny comments. Randy has won several Christy Awards for his books. The Christy Award is given to the top Christian book of the year in each catagory.



Walk Away with a Free Book Called, The Shack, That is Autographed!

Have a chance to win the book called, The Shack that is  autographed! This is the hottest book on the planet right now!


(This is a long post, but you will be glad that you read to the end.)


I had the privilege of sitting with the author William Paul Young recently. What I heard and learned while I listened to him was amazing. Paul should write a book just about his own life. Who is William Paul Young? Don’t feel too bad if you don’t know his name, but you sure should know his book called, The Shack!

(BTW….. You can order a copy of The Shack, through Amazon.com for only $8.24 by going to the right side bar and selecting the The Shack, book  in the I recommend, icon. You can’t get much cheaper than that.)


The story behind the story is that Paul just wanted to write a story for his children. He wrote his book and just published 15 copies at Office Depot to give to his friends and family. How basic is that? You are published out of Office Depot?


Some of his friends that received the book liked what he wrote so they sent his book to several friends through email. The friends also liked the book, and they sent it to many of their friends. Within a month, Paul was getting thousands of emails from people wanting him to publish the book for real this time.


He contacted 26 publishers and they all turned him down. Their excuse was that if a niche (topic area) wasn’t popular right now, they wouldn’t publish it. If the niche was too popular right now, they wouldn’t publish it.


They had a printer put their book together.


They didn’t know how many books to print so they had the printer print 10,000. The printer sent 11,000 and charged them for the extra 1,000. Within another month they were close to selling those books. They had another 20,000 printed. The printer sent 22,000 and charged for the extra 2,000.


It happened again. They sold out within a month. This time they ordered 30,000 books. The printer sent 33,000 and charged for the extra 3,000.


They decided that they didn’t like giving that much money to a printer who was trying to make an extra buck off of them. They started their own publishing company called, Windblown Media.


The growth kept escalating. They couldn’t keep up with the orders.


That was less than two years ago. They have now sold over 6.2 million books! (As of this writing.) The book has been the # 1 selling book on the New York Times top ten list for over 40 weeks straight! It has been written in 43 languages. (That must cover everything but Pig Latin.) It is the # 1 best seller in China, Mongolia, Britain, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.


It is also the # 1 book in the prisons. Why is that?  The prisoners relate to the villain in the book and seek forgiveness. This book helps them to feel forgiveness. There is a tremendous revival in the prisons. This book has sold more books to prisoners than most books have sold in a lifetime to the regular public.


You can see how much money is flying into Paul’s hands. Let’s say he gets 50% royalties from the book. (I know this is very high, but remember he is part owner in the publishing company.) So most hardback books sell for $25-29 dollars. Let’s just go with the low figure of $26.00. Paul gets half which would be $13.00. Now multiply that by 6.2 million books! That is over 63 million dollars just for Paul.


Why am I telling you all these details about how much money Paul is making? Because just two years ago he lived in a 900 sq. ft. home with his wife, six kids and only one bathroom!!! He didn’t know if he was going to get the bills paid at the end of the month. He worked three jobs, and one of his sons also worked just to pay the bills.


Isn’t that a great story??? Well, I haven’t even gone into Paul’s past yet, and there is a lot more to tell you about how the book got started. That will come in the next few posts on this site. I will give you some key words like I do for Google to entice you, and I bet you will come running back looking for the next post: sex abuse, non-caring father, an affair with another woman, suicide.


Now try NOT to come back for THE REST OF THE STORY!!


I had an talk with Paul, and I will have quotes I received from him that I was able to write down. I also have a side story about talking to Paul about my own book, Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind: Life Beyond Bumper Stickers.


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NOW!!! Here is the way you can win a free book called The Shack, and is personally autographed by William Paul Young, the author.

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* I want to thank Randy Engermanson for his help and advice. He has to be the top marketing guru on this planet. Got to his site at: http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/blog, and see some pretty amazing thoughts; ideas on marketing; how to write fiction, and some just plain hilarious commentary. You will be glad you did.


Doug Bolton