Moussavi and Ahmadinejad in Power Struggle

What does this power struggle in Iran mean? Why does the government in control not want the rest of the world know what is going on? Who will be the leader when the dust settles?

The world is watching with sharp eyes on what is unfolding in Iran. Could this be a revolt that spreads to other Mid-East countries? Is this just a tip of the iceberg?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is on the verge of being one of the first Mid-East leaders to be ousted in distant memory by his own people because of his type of government. This is a government that does not allow women rights; a government that will execute a person for saying a negative word about the leadership; a government that is defiant against the world and is still making nuclear bombs.

Hossein Moussavi is still putting pressure on the government to straighten out the voting errors that the officials already admitted had more votes cast then there were voters.

The riots, defiance, and determination of the people show a new path in the Mid-East that could change the history of our world.

Could God have a hand in this? Are these nations that are under oppression waking up to realize that they have rights that they should be able to use?

There are hundreds of questions in a troubled world. Doesn’t the Bible talk directly of this? It says there will wars and rumor of wars. It says neighbors, husbands and wives, brothers, fathers and sons, will all be fighting against each other. It mentions there will be famine through-out the land. It goes on to say the there will be mighty earthquakes.

Time for a wake up call? All of these things are happening right now in our world. A tsunami killed thousands of people in one day. There people killing each other in Iraq, Afghanistan. In Iraq 80 people were killed by one suicide bomber.

Whose history is this? Who? Look at the word history: his story. It is God’s story! God and man living in this world. One (God) trying to love and reach out. The other (man) turning his back on God, and trying to look significant within himself without God.

Almost everything you see in the world as far as violence is caused by one person who seeks power, or wants attention drawn to him. Khomeini is a man that is seeking power. He is trying to draw attention to himself. Mousavi is a man that is trying to help his country and its people.

Two opposite views. One is destructive. The other is trying to help the way his people live.

The bottom line is that Iran is a country that at this time wants power not only with nuclear weapons, but through dictatorship over its people. This can not and will not prevail. The people of Iran are letting the leaders know they will not let that happen anymore. People are dying for what they believe.

I saw a video that was awful. It was of a very young man taking his last breaths because of a bullet that went through his heart. It turns out he was an innocent by stander, but the bullets flew and he was in the line of fire.

We will all keep our eyes and ears focused on this uprising. We will hope the people will prevail. God is watching, and He already knows the outcome. Let’s hope He is merciful and allows the people to have a voice, and win.

It is hard to write this because there is no happy ending I can write for you. It is an on going drama. I am a writer that likes a beginning a middle and an end. It is not happening. I will pray for a good outcome.

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