Many Soldiers Had Near Death Experiences While Serving Their Country.

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Military news…

USS George Washington suicides raise alarm on Capitol Hill as defense secretary admits problem with sailor housing
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told a subpanel of the House Appropriations Committee that the Pentagon is awaiting the results of two investigations into the George Washington and figuring out how to lodge sailors in the future after three of the ship’s crew members died in less than one week in April.


First US Navy cruiser to pass through Taiwan Strait in 2 years ‘troubles’ China

The guided-missile cruiser USS Port Royal steamed through the 110-mile-wide waterway separating China from Taiwan as part of a “routine transit,” U.S. 7th Fleet spokesman Lt. Mark Langford said in a Wednesday news


North Korea to continue developing nuclear and missile programs in 2022, intelligence chief says

North Korea will “continue its nuclear, missile, and military modernization efforts” throughout the year and “leverage” its capabilities during potential negotiations with the United States, intelligence officials testified to lawmakers on Tuesday.


Russia pounds vital port of Odesa, targeting supply lines

Russian troops pounded away at the vital port of Odesa, Ukrainian officials said Tuesday, apparently as part of efforts to disrupt the supply lines and weapons shipments that have been critical to Kyiv’s defense.


Finland, Sweden move closer to seeking NATO membership
The Finnish Parliament is expected to endorse the decision in the coming days. A formal membership application will then be submitted to NATO headquarters in Brussels, most likely at some point next week.


Small wins buoy Ukraine; West says Russians losing momentum

Ukraine said it held off Russian offensives Sunday in the east, and Western military officials said the campaign Moscow launched there after its forces failed to seize the capital of Kyiv has slowed to a snail’s pace.


Russia actually isn’t as good at information warfare as everyone thought

Russian memes are working about as well as Russian tanks.


Here is another interview with a WWII veteran. Ira Friedman fought in WWII and Korea. His story has two near death experiences:

I sat with Ira Friedman for a short interview that was loaded with drama:

Tell me of some of your moments that you faced death.

I was getting ready to head to Korea to help fight the war. We were in a hanger in formation, when I saw an old friend from WWII. I wanted to be on the same plane leaving as he was. I raised me hand and requested to be moved from plane one to plane two and the sergeant barked out, NO!

I looked around the hanger and saw a man that looked like he was in charge. He was a captain. I asked him the same question and he refused at first, but I persisted. He shouted, “Get on the damn second plane and get out of my hair.”

I was excited and even sat next to by buddy. About half way to our destination we heard from the pilot that the first plane had crashed killing everyone on board. I was suppose to be on that plane. (Near death experience # 1)

I asked him if there was another time he felt he faced death.

He said that when he was at a briefing in Korea, a Lt. said there was need to have seven men go on a reconnaissance mission. He pointed at me and said, “You are one of them.” I quickly told him none of the men had ever been on reconnaissance. He shouted as he broke his point stick. “That is an order!

Seven of us went on that mission and only three of us came back alive. (Near death experience # 2)

I asked him how he got in two wars

I had just gotten out of the military after WWII when the Korean conflict erupted. They drafted me again because of my experience.


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