It is Not Good When People Take Advantage of You While in the Military

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Military news…

Just rename the Confederate bases already

It’s well within the Pentagon’s power to re-name bases, ships, buildings and other assets dedicated to the former Confederate States of America, but nobody seems in a hurry to get it done. In fact, Congress has put an independent naming commission in charge of the process, which is usually Capitol Hill-ese for “let’s take our sweet-ass time.”


“The farther I get from those days, the heavier my guilt,” writes Marine veteran Russell Hellyer in this story, which originally appeared in The War Horse, about his deployment to Afghanistan. Russell describes how his view of the Afghan people changed over the years. As a bitter grunt in a war nobody seemed to understand, he had little empathy for them. But now, years later, he writes sharply that “we were never committed to anything but sticking around, and the results for the people of Afghanistan show it.”
Two sailors die after Navy plane crashes in Alabama

“The aircrew did not survive the crash,” wrote U.S. Naval Air Forces. “We are not aware of any civilian casualties.”


Marine commandant to leaders: Quit the ‘soft relief’ of fired officers
In a letter sent earlier this month to a wide swath of the Marine officer corps, commandant Gen. David Berger reminded everyone from general to lieutenant that they needed to hold Marines accountable with a paper trail.
Exoskeletons and the future of military body armor

What if soldiers in the future could carry 300 lbs of body armor and heavy weapons with ease? With the development of new exoskeleton suits, the burden of heavy body armor may become an issue of the past.


Serious injuries’ reported in explosion at Connecticut VA hospital
An explosion at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Connecticut has left several people with “serious injuries,” the Associated Press reports.
Enlisted sailors on Navy warships are at higher risk of COVID-19 than officers, study finds

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are more likely to spread among enlisted crew members on Navy ships, a new study released this week found, due to the sailors’ tight living and workspaces.


French military kills senior Al Qaeda leader in Mali
French forces have killed Bah ag Moussa, a military leader of al Qaeda’s North Africa wing, during an operation in northeastern Mali, Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly said on Friday.

I just got home from an appointment with my hearing aid doctor. I asked her if she would write a letter to the VA for my hearing loss. She said I needed to go through the proper channels before she would do that. I have already done that, but I will try again.

I have been battling the VA for years on my hearing loss that happen while I was in Korea.

I will NOT give up and neither should of any of you who have physical problems that you got while in the military.

Several posts back I talked about being greeted by two guys on my first day at Camp Red Cloud, South Korea. Those guys became my best buddies. One reason was that hey were very muscular and big. I needed my body guards. 🙂

A week later they invited me to go with them to the Camp bar. I glady went because I liked them so much. When we got there we had a couple of beers, and then one of them went to the bartender and ordered another kind a drink. He brought three of them to the table.

They were tall glasses and were full of gray and other colors. The one who bought the drinks said we should go for it and have a sip. I took that sip and my head almost exploded. I choughed. The guys laughed.

The the one who bought the drinks said let’s have a drinking contest. I was an 18 year old kid who was very naive. I went for it. I took another big gulp and I was spinning after only two drinks.

We continued and had the third gulp. That is the last thing I remember. I was in a black out mode, and I didn’t even know what that was.

I woke up the next morning by the wheel by a 2 1/2 ton truck. I was dry heaving.

I found out later that what we was drinking was Zombies!

I got very upset with the guys for taking advantage of me, and they were sorry.

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Have you ever been taken advantage of while in the military? Does it still haunt you today?


There are over 12,025 fellow veterans subscribed to this site. They all have your back.

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Never take on the not so friendly world alone.

I-800-273-8255 Option # 1

You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!


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