Israel’s window to strike Iran narrows as Putin enters equation.

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US to send bridge-launching vehicles for tank deployments to Ukraine in new $400M aid package

Armored vehicle-launched bridges are included for the first time in a security assistance package to help Ukrainian troops quickly deploy tanks and other armored vehicles across rivers and other gaps.


Biden expected to tighten rules on US investment in China

The Biden administration is close to tightening rules on some overseas investments by U.S. companies in an effort to limit China’s ability to acquire technologies that could improve its military prowess, according to a U.S. official familiar with the deliberations.


NATO allies to learn HIMARS usage via US Army apprenticeship program 

The Army’s V Corps said it is launching a new initiative that will bring together senior military leaders in Europe for a summit on all things related to the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System.


Israel’s window to strike Iran narrows as Putin enters equation

Iran is seeking sophisticated new air-defense systems from Russia that Israeli officials believe will narrow the window for a potential strike on Tehran’s nuclear program.


Russian shelling hits Ukrainian town; Bakhmut battle rages Capturing Bakhmut would not only give Russian fighters a rare battlefield gain after months of setbacks but might rupture Ukraine’s supply lines and allow the Kremlin’s forces to press on toward other Ukrainian strongholds in Donetsk province.


China seeks ‘peaceful reunification’ with Taiwan in key report

China largely kept its language regarding Taiwan the same in an annual report to the nation’s legislature, suggesting that President Xi Jinping is maintaining its policy toward the self-ruled island even as global tensions increase.


During my training for my work position at Ft. Gordon, Georgia. we were marching back to the barracks. Suddenly our leader in charge told us to double time. We had no idea why, but as we looked to the sky there was very dark clouds coming fast over our heads. Within the next few minutes the wind started blowing extremely hard. We had to get on our bellies and crawl the last 50 yards. It was a hurricane! It was my first hurricane and it scared me senseless.

That was a very interesting and scary experience for me. There were many more scary experiences for me as my service time unfolded.


I had the privilege to meet a Vietnam veteran while shopping for groceries. I seem to have the knack to find them. This guy is a true hero. His name is Milt Hoch. He had three tours in Vietnam. He didn’t have to. He chose to.

He was in intense fighting, even face to face fighting. He was once stabbed through both legs at once with a bayonet. He was still able to kill the enemy and survive.

I have an interview with him in my upcoming book, Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life. It is riveting.

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