I Found Out That White Lightning Can Make You Blind, in the Military

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Military news…

The Army is developing a COVID-19 vaccine to fight all variants of the virus, including those that may not yet exist.


Russian forces could soon push deeper into Ukraine, and this time it may look more like an invasion than the covert campaign Russia has waged since 2014.

“When I opened the door, it didn’t even register at first who I was looking at, and when it finally clicked … words cannot describe the feeling.” That’s from Army veteran Adam Strick, who got a surprise visit on Saturday night from his old battle buddy Mike Fligg. The two spent every day of their 15-month deployment to Iraq together, but they had not seen each other in 14 years.


A private housing contractor that subjected military families across the country to mold, insect infestations, burst pipes and other problems agreed to pay more than $65 million in fines and restitution.


A Florida state Senator wants to bring back the old cliche ‘join the military or go to jail’ for criminals.


Everyone knows reindeer help Santa deliver presents, but did you know they also helped defeat the Nazis? That’s right, about 6,000 reindeer played a crucial role helping the Soviet Army beat the Wermacht back into Germany during World War II.


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Holidays are cherished times spent with family and loved ones. Sometimes, due to deployment, or situations outside of our control, we can’t spend holidays with the people we love.


Another excerpt from my upcoming book, Signs of Hope for the MIlitary: In and Out of the Trenches of Life.

This chapter was about my exposure to White Lightening


White Lightning in West Virginia

While I was stationed at Ft Bragg, North Carolina, we went on maneuvers in West Virginia. We were out in the country hills right in the middle of farm land.

We had time off on one of the days there so a couple of others guys and me went on a walk through the farm land. As we came around a bend, we saw some men sitting up on a hill in lawn chairs laughing and carrying on. We thought we might as well get to know some of the locals.

As we got closer we saw that the men had rifles leaning up against their chairs. I started thinking about the movie, Deliverance. They were all in overalls, and were smoking pipes with who knows what in them. Beards were the style for all of them. They would fit right in with the people of, Duck Dynasty.

We said hi, and they invited us to sit with them for a while. I noticed one of them was drinking out of a Mason jar. It looked like water, but I knew better. One of my friends asked what it was. “We call it White Lightning, here,” said one of the men who looked like he may be the elder of the group.

I was such a naïve young man, that I had no idea what they meant by the term White Lightning. They laughed when I asked them.

They said I should take a taste of it to see for myself. They handed me a jar, and I took a sip. I thought my insides were going to explode. I made some kind of noise, because all the Virginia guys laughed when it looked like I was going to heave.

However, the guys with me were “veteran,” drinkers and they tried a taste. They really liked it and drank the whole jar full. It wasn’t long before they started acting “silly.”

One of them liked it so much he asked for a refill. The “farmers,” had no trouble doing that. My friend sat there and drank another full jar of the concoction. He was getting very dizzy and incoherent about that time.

Then he started screaming, “I am going blind!” He said he couldn’t see. The hosts didn’t seem to get too worried. They said it is common to go temporarily blind for those who are new at drinking it.

It wasn’t funny for my group, and we helped our blind friend back to the camp area. He eventually got his sight back. It must have been interesting for him to explain how he was blinded in the first place.

In life we can start slowly doing things we maybe shouldn’t be, and think that it is OK. We keep doing the things we know we shouldn’t be doing, and then we see we are in too deep and fall.

It is no different than drinking White Lightning. It seems harmless at first, but then we are blinded by the force that has overcome us.

Be careful to always check out what is happening around you, wherever you may be. There things that look innocent, and yet can lead you down the wrong path.


All too often there are people in the private sector who try to take advantage of the soldiers when they come home. It could be a scheme to supposedly help you get rich quickly, or it may be people wanting to pilfer money out of you in other ways.  Never jump into any project or new venture without researching everything about it. Let others see what you may be doing and ask for their opinion. You will have many eyes to help you seek the truth for you.

Think About this

Isn’t it interesting that we always believe someone who says they are trying to help us be successful?


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And above all…never, ever, give up!


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