The Hardest People to Talk to About God, is Our Own family

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Thoughts just for you…

As Christians, we are told we need to share our beliefs with others. We may do that amongst our friends, and acquaintances, but what about our own family?

Do you have a brother, or sister, that isn’t a believer? Does your parents scoff at you about your faith? What about your grandparents. Think ever further about you Uncles, Aunts, or even your nieces and nephews?

How sad it would be if you didn’t do your part in telling those who are¬†close to you, and they lost their souls.

I know, it is much harder to talk to our loved ones. It is much harder to think of the right things to say, because if the fear that they will reject you, and cause a wall between you and them.

However, if we use that excuse for ever, we may lose some loved ones who never were challenged and were lost.

We don’t need to release fire and hail on our loved ones. We can share what a change it made for us to turn our lives over to God, and that we want them to feel the same love.

Then we need to pray. We need to pray daily that the seed we just planted will grow into a new soul. believe me they will remember the little you said each time they see you. You never have to “hound,” them about it ever again.

Prayer takes over. Pray without ceasing, and the outcome will be a blessed event of that love one eventually submitting themselves to God.

I am not an authority on this except that too have some close loved ones who are not willing to accept the Christian life as yet. I will not stop my quest to keep praying daily for them. My reward is eternal life for those who eventually give their hearts to God.


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

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