God is Just a Prayer Away. God is Listening. He Cares.

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Another shocking announcement! ( That got your attention!) “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World, ” is now out in eBook form. You can acquire it at all the eBook outlets. It is only $4.99 compared to $19.99 in the bookstores. You can even order it right from this site by clicking on the Amazon icon on the right.

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I have a podcast here that I did with John Kremer, the marketing guru. He invited me to share unusual places to sell books. Take a listen and hit those streets running: goo.gl/WGTF7


I just bought a “generation 4,” I-Pad. I am kind of lost right now, but through trial and error I will do just fine eventually. I am trying to hook up the router today, but no success. Yes, I know, routers are one of easiest things to get started. However, I am a dinosaur when it come to computers, and electronics.

I have a friend coming over tomorrow morning to help me get everything hooked up. I even have a new wireless printer. I am trying to catch up fast, and when I have learned all of this I will be an official member of the geek squad!


 It can be devastating when someone you cares about has a stroke, or a heart attack. I have three close friends have a stroke. One passed away. the others and mending slowly. I also had a dear friend that had a heart attack about five months ago. he was close to death, but God pulled him through it. He is so thankful today, that he spends much of his time praising the Lord, and giving Him all the credit for still being on this earth.

Have you had this happen to you? Has a loved one been stricken?

When it first happens, our world, as we know it seems to stop. We can’t function very well. We go into doubt, and even anger.

We have no control of the outcome. We feel helpless.

My father died in 2001, and I was at the hospital with him when he died. I just sat there by his bed, and felt hopeless. I held his hand, and he squeezed it once and a while.

Then he stopped doing that and he was gone. I had mixed emotions right then. Part of me was relieved that he wasn’t suffering anymore, and was at peace. The other part grieved that he had left me.

I know that many of you have been through the same thing.

I pray very hard for a peaceful passing of my loved ones when something happens and they know it won’t be much longer. I pray with earnest love, when they tell me that there is hope. I prayer for strength when they are gone, and I am left alone.

Do you see a pattern here? Prayer is the direct communication line to God. There are no rate fees, special charges, or long distance fees. He is on speed dial 24/7.

He is just a prayer away. He is listening. He cares.


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

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