South Korean Dogs Love Caused Her Babies to Die

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Doug Bolton, the founder of the blog, Signs of Hope, which is at, has written a new book, “Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life.” It reaches out the many military and veterans who may be battling anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, rejections, and the many other usual suspects. There are 22 military connected suicides every day. That is almost one every hour. Doug wants to help stop those statistics.  


This is a new social network just for veterans. I joined it and made instant friendships with veterans who want to talk about what I want to talk about. Please check it out. You will be glad you did.


I have  been away for a few days due to a virus that kicked my butt, but I am back and ready to share some more tidbit news pertaining to the military. What follows are several ittle articles that should perk your curiosity:


Top Rated States for Military Retiress

  1. Alaska
  2. South Dakota
  3. Montana
  4. Wyoming
  5. Florida
  6. Maine
  7. New Hampshire
  8. North Dakota
  9. Hawaii
  10. South Carolina

This is considering best job opportunities and access to VA health care.

Some other thoughts on this:

Alaska had the highest percentage of veterans at 10.1 percent. They also have the highest number of Veterans Benefits Administration.

Virginia had the lowest percentage of homeless veterans.

New York has the highest number of VA health-care facilities,

South Carolina has the highest percentage of veteran owned businesses with paid employees.


Charles Howell lll, a pro golfer who was in Honolulu playing on January 18th when the emergency alert came on for ballistics missiles being fired at them. His quote: “I didn’t know what to do. We all stared at each other. It kind of shows you the world we live in now. Your whole life can change in a second.”


In the Olympics Dutch Skater Jan Blokhuijen ignited  a backlash after telling the South Korea people to “Please treat dogs better.”

He was referring to the custom of eating dog meat in the  country. He quickly apologized, even though is is still a custom for some.

When I was in South Korea in 1960, it was very much the custom of the people to eat dog meat. I have a story about this, which will also be in my new book, Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life.

We had a stray dog enter our quonset hut one day and we adopted her. We figured she was a miracle since she was still alive. We named her Skosh, because she was so little. Well, somehow she found another dog while she was in heat. Instant pregnancy!! We watched over her very carefully during her time to have the babies. She gave birth to five beautiful little puppies. We tried to make sure she didn’t get out of the hut so she could protect her babies.

Unfortunately, She was able to sneak out during the night, carrying each of her babies with her, one by one. We woke up in a panic. We searched everywhere for her, but we couldn’t find her or her babies. A few days later she came back without the puppies. We knew exactly what had happened. Skosh, lost all her babies to the people in the village. We we very angry, but Skosh wanted to hide her babies from everyone, but it didn’t work out for her.

I still think that the people of South Korea are good people.


I will be having this next section in each post. It will be stories about things that shouldn’t be happening or, happened, and I am mad about it. It will be called:

Are you Kidding me!!

Kim Yong Chol, head of the the North Korean Intelligence for the Army, will be at the final ceremony for the Olympics!! He is accused of carrying out many atrocities against the South Korea people.


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