Do the Dark Days Seem to Come More Often Than the Bright Days?

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I also thought I would let you know that I will be at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, Oregon, from August 26th-September 5th this year signing my book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” If you live close, I hope you will drop by and say hello.


It is raining outside here in the Willamette Valley of the State of Oregon. It is dark and dreary.

This is the 17th of July and it is suppose to be beautiful weather here in Oregon this time of the year.

Does your life seem that way? Do the dark days seem to come more often than the bright days? Do you feel there is too many trials and storms in your life?

You are not alone. I have been there and so have many of the people reading this post right now.

There are some things we can do about it:

  1. Never light the darkness overcome you. God is always there for you.
  2. It is time to stop the pity parties, and become the positive person in other people’s lives.
  3. By being a friend to someone, you can change their lives and help them to enjoy life.


I wanted to update you on the sales of my new book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.” There are steady sales going on. I seel at least three or four every month. I just sold two yesterday.

The total now is over 300, in less than a year. It has been said that if a first time author sells 100 books, he/she should feel succesful. I more than feel successful, because my book is helping people cope.

I get emails, calls, and personal testimonies from people on how the book has helped them.

I would like you to check out the book by clicking on the tab that says, “bookstore,” at the top of this page. You will see a description of the book, and a picture of the cover.

If you want to read some endorsements you can click on “Endorsements,” at the top, and read them as well.

I hope you will take a couple of minutes and do that. I am sure you know someone who is suffering from anxiety, fear, self-doubt, depression, addictions, or hopelessness. This book speaks to all those issues and more.


Never, ever, give up!

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