An Incredible Interview With a VA Nurse With Forty Years of Service.

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Here is another interview for my upcoming book, Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life. A VA Nurse.

VA Nurse

Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you. How long were you a nurse?

Nurse: I worked 40 years with the last six as a VA nurse.

Did you like working for the VA?

I loved it much more than the regular nursing. I was able to make my own decisions.

I had to understand that they were not going to get well. I helped a man who was a double amputee. It was very rewarding.

How did you know what to do with each patient?

Had to find out what they needed through texting other nurses, and what their doctor shared as far as their basic needs. In other words; VA was “live.”

You said the work was rewarding. Can you explain that a little more?

My heart grew with each patient.

Tell me about some of the patients?

I had on patient that had wounds all over his body. He was tortured by testing his skin with different bacteria.

Another patient was traumatized. Yet another committed suicide.

That must have been hard. Are there other stories you can share?

There was another tortured veteran. They put rats in his mouth. They did waterboarding on him. They kept him awake with blaring music. They played the same songs over and over again. This made him sleep deprived.

These stories had to affect you. Did some veterans share with you how they felt when coming home from Vietnam?

Taxis wouldn’t even pick them up if they knew they were veterans. There were people waiting at the airport for the veterans to land, and they screamed at them as they came through their lines.

Were most of your veterans Vietnam veterans?

No one veteran was only thirty years old. He had PTSD and TBI (Traumatic brain injury.) His wife now has to take care of him and his mental wounds. He was shot in the head.

I am not sure how you could do this day after day.

I wouldn’t have done nursing for 40years if I didn’t think it was rewarding.

I have heard there are some sexual harassment, and sexual abuse in the military. Have you had to deal with that?

There was a female soldier who was raped and got pregnant. She is now raising the child.

Another woman was raped and got military compensation. She has PTSD and cannot function.

Yet another woman from WWII was raped. She got syphilis and died from it.

(If you or anyone you know have faced sexual harassment, or sexual abuse in the military, there is now a number you can call for help: 1-800-692-966… You can get help and even compensation.)

MST (Military sexual trauma) even has a course that is six weeks long that can help people.

Any other interesting stories you can share?

I took a trip to Normandy Beach, France. I walked the beach to see all the graves around the towns. They showed us where to boats came in. We saw the trenches and the fox holes. I went to a WWII museum. They had bombers.

This is an amazing story of your life as a nurse. Do you have any feel good stories to wrap this up? 

A Vietnam veteran adopted a child from Vietnam, because they came home without their parents.


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