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What follows are some great reviews for the book, “Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.”

Five Star Review

Signs Of Hope: Ways To Survive In An Unfriendly World

Douglas Bolton

ISBN: 9781414117188

Reviewed By Dominique Sessons

Official Apex Reviews Rating:

Five Stars


Broken homes…troubled relationships…a struggling economy…looming terrorist threats…

In this day and age, there are countless different factors that could lead one to the point of despair; however, in the midst of all the drama, sadness, and destruction, it is still possible to live a richly rewarding, fulfilling life.

Throughout the pages of Signs Of Hope,

author Douglas Bolton provides the reader with the keys to do just that. Chronicling Bolton’s own troubled journey from the depths of despair to spiritual reconciliation with God, Signs Of Hope offers a wealth of encouraging advice, practical instructions, and sound counsel to help inspire readers to find the divine purpose in the midst of any gloomy situation. Rife with laconic wisdom and profound insight, Bolton’s empowering offering is just the lasting balm needed to heal the spiritual wounds that have afflicted your soul for far too long. A thoroughly uplifting, highly recommended read.



Book Review

Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite

5  star review

“Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World” offers practical help to the Christian, practicing or otherwise, in organized chapters that are well-written and easy to read. Bolton readily admits that he suffered from depression and anxiety to the point where he wasn’t functional. Then he turned his life around by returning to a faith that is to be lived 24/7. This, in turn, helped him understand what God’s plan was for him in this world. Bolton advises the reader to never stop being angry about what happens in this world, but to turn the world horrors over to a higher power and let peace come into our lives. He discusses bumper stickers, the rapture, and dealing with family in a practical, useful, religious way that the reader will absorb.

“Signs of Hope” will be inspirational for those who desire religion in their lives. The descriptive table of contents at the beginning is fascinating in itself. At the end of every chapter, Bolton has a simple section called “Something to Ponder” which has questions or statements that will encourage quiet thought. The book’s formatting is excellent and the appendix of books and religious groups to join at the book’s conclusion is extensive and well-organized. Bolton’s words of advice to the reader in each chapter are delightful. For instance, he writes, “Never let bad days stay longer than they should.” The reader doesn’t have to aspire to a more religious attitude to appreciate those words. “Signs of Hope” is a book that should fall into reader’s hands everywhere.



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